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Corinne Fortier

occupation principale » ( 1968 : 327 ). Aussi, la figure occidentale du poète dont la fonction essentielle consisterait à composer des poèmes n'existe pas en islam et dans la société maure. Au dix-huitième siècle, Nasar ad-Dīn, qui tenta de fonder un état

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Poetic Imagination

Love and Longing among Syrian Men in Exile in Amman

Emilie Lund Mortensen

-known contemporary Arabic poets like Maḥmūd Darwīsh and Adūnīs. Hāny sometimes put together verses based on fragments of poems he liked or mixed them with lyrics from songs by singers such as Fayrūz or Um Kalthūm. Sometimes, he posted these on Facebook, while at

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Mahdieh Vali-Zadeh

womanhood’ in poetry and ‘spoke as a woman’ ( M. T. 1968: 52 ). Despite noticing Forough's distinctive role in the feminine expression of love and her poetic development since her early poems, scholars have barely systematically or theoretically examined

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‘The Fire Does Not Disturb Us’

Navigating Love, Desire and Loss in the Qaṣīda Poetry of South Sinai Muzīna Women

Matthew Ryan Sparks

single meter (usually 15–80 lines long), organised into three separately themed sections. 12 The qaṣīda developed into a highly refined art form during the pre-Islamic jāhilīyah period of Arabian history; the three parts of the poem, the nasīb , 13

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Who Says Only Men Have a Beard?

Revisiting the Question of Gender Ambiguity in Persian Poetry

Fateme Montazeri

the poet, and simultaneously resulted in enduring controversies among readers regarding the genuine meaning of the poems. The transition of ‘love’ ( ‘ishq in Persian), which was predominantly used in the first centuries after Islam to signify physical

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L'amour poétisé : genre, plaisir et nostalgie dans la poésie arabe et persane masculine, féminine et homoérotique

Corinne Fortier

, vers 967) 1 intitulée Le livre des chansons ( Kitāb al-aghānī ) comprenant de nombreux poèmes chantés du sixième au neuvième siècles, ou encore plus récemment l'exemple paradigmatique de la diva égyptienne Umm Kulthūm (1898–1975) qui a interprété les

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Inge Zwart, Susanne Boersma, Franziska Mucha, and Cassandra Kist

provenance research (2020). 5 Minju Bae tells the story of educators organizing at New York's Tenement Museum (2020), one of several museums that recently formed labor unions. 6 The POEM research project develops concepts, strategies, and media

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Valentina Mitkova

), 1931. Poems that appeared only on the pages of Bulgarian periodicals are also included, as well as works from the author's archive, unpublished during her life. Belcheva's poetic heritage is presented against its current cultural and historical context

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Felix Girke

In his poem “Leaving the Field,” published in Antipodes , anthropologist Michael Jackson (1996: 15) evokes the anticipation, unease, and conflicted positionality of the moments just before departure: Snatching at images in my last hours

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Black October

Comics, Memory, and Cultural Representations of 17 October 1961

Claire Gorrara

visual echo of the real lives upon which the narrative is based. On 21 October 1961, at the bandstand final, Vincent (not Mohand) begins The Gold Star’s set by reciting Kateb Yacine’s now famous protest poem “La Gueule de loup, 17 octobre 1961.” 36 In