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The Obligation Is the Point

‘Refugee 2 Refugee’ Care and Solidarity in Greece

Zareena Grewal

) We encounter Hannah Arendt's observation about refugees from Nazi Germany at a time when there are more refugees than at any time in modern history; more than half of the world's total refugee population is from the Middle East, and most of them are

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Containing mobilities

Changing time and space of maritime labor

Johanna Markkula

-Chinese, it was more likely intended as a critique of the shift in shipbuilding practices accompanied by a shift in location from West to East ( Varela et al. 2017, see also Schober, this issue ). The move of shipbuilding centers from Germany or Sweden to

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Uneasy Entanglements

Solar Energy Development in Zanzibar

Erin Dean

technology, the Zanzibari government has approved the pursuit of contracts for IPPs, independent power producers. Private companies from China, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and India are all participating in a competitive bidding

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Higher education in the paradigm of speed

Student perspectives on the risks of fast-track degree completion

Laura Louise Sarauw and Simon Ryberg Madsen

’ Humboldtian idea about freedom to learn ( Lernfriehiet ) and the right to prioritise one's own time. This tendency is not new, and it is not restricted to the area of higher education and the European Bologna Process. According to recent works by the German

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Acts Is Acts

Tautology and Theopolitical Form

Maria José de Abreu

The technique is not always transparent, as when the stage itself is set up on stage, or the auditorium is extended onto the stage-area. — Walter Benjamin, The Origin of German Tragic Drama In this article I analyze the role of tautology

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Narva as Method

Urban Inventories and the Mutation of the Postsocialist City

Francisco Martínez

future. As explained by Felix Ringel in his ethnography of Hoyerswerda (in Eastern Germany), the shrinking present of this socialist model town is ‘an intense problematisation of the future’ ( 2018: 179 ). Narva also needs to come to terms with the future

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Liana Chua and Omri Grinberg

together to make legitimate decisions and defensible statements. Eray Çaylı's article takes a longer view, examining the aesthetics of witnessing involved in the memorialization of a 1993 arson attack against a family of Turkish background in Germany. He

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Gilad Ben-Nun

World War II, Lewin knew all too well how many Jews were turned over to Nazi hands by non-German collaborators within the Nazi-occupied areas of Europe. Rashi's clarification of what took place during biblical times, to which Amos referred in his

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Stiletto Socialism

Social Class, Dressing Up, and Women's Self-Positioning in Socialist Slovenia

Polona Sitar

femininity for success. Perfumes, cosmetics, and fashionable clothing became increasingly available to consumers in the Soviet Union, East Germany, Poland, Hungary, and, of course, Yugoslavia. They were necessary for the successful socialist construction of

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Michael Herzfeld

't happen here’ is the usual response to any talk of coups, pogroms and concentration camps. But as the son of refugees from Nazi Germany, and – perhaps consequently – as an anthropologist, I am aware that racism can happen anywhere, and especially when