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Bringing the state back in

Corporate social responsibility and the paradoxes of Norwegian state capitalism in the international energy sector

Ståle Knudsen, Dinah Rajak, Siri Lange, and Isabelle Hugøy

basic architectures of the tripartite model and of the welfare state are in place, to the extent that in the North Sea oil economies “Norwegian trade unions remain important actors (beyond the wildest dreams of their UK counterparts)” ( Cumbers 2012: 238

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Roads versus Rivers

Two Systems of Spatial Structuring in Northern Russia and Their Effects on Local Inhabitants

Kirill V. Istomin

“new means of transportation” were mentioned among the positive things the Soviet state brought to the native northerners. However, at least in Western Siberia, the older settlements—fishing villages along the rivers, trading posts, and also pre

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Taxes for Independence

Rejecting a Fiscal Model of Reciprocity in Peri-urban Bolivia

Miranda Sheild Johansson

their living as day laborers on construction sites (men), as domestic servants (women), and by trading in the large marketplaces in the city (both genders, but primarily women). Income is irregular and insecure, and people constantly worry about their

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Dirty Work, Dangerous Others

The Politics of Outsourced Immigration Enforcement in Mexico

Wendy Vogt

work” with regard to immigration in exchange for favorable trade conditions in the recently renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement. Mexico's willingness to do the “dirty work” of the US is deeply embedded within trade and security

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Laurent Berger

fluctuations causes the emergence of patches, and these latter are alienated because of the rise in consumer prices of matsutake in Japan; these prices stimulate the import-export trade because their rise is determined by the scarcity of these mushrooms

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Andrew Sanchez

previously employed for many years in a local business that traded in scrap plastic. Like many people new to their workplaces, Dipesh was anxious about the unfamiliar demands and relationships that the job would involve. He had reluctantly left his previous

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Afsaneh Hojabri

most sophisticated and diverse in the world, partly because of its exposure to various cultures and its ability to adopt foreign foodways when diversifying and enriching its own. Iran was located on the Silk Road trade route that connected China to the

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Whose Reality Counts?

Emergent Dalitbahujan Anthropologists

Reddi Sekhara Yalamala

, exportable crops proliferated while food insecurity ensued, and in 1943–1944 there was famine throughout India ( Degaonkar 2006 ). Contemporary Empire: Competition between the Global Trade Blocs Today India acts as a major player in the BRICS

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Svetlana Huusko

most valuable of the sable species, the dark Barguzin sable that ensured the continued importance of Siberia in the world fur market. By the end of the seventeenth century, in pursuit of the yasak tribute of furs and control over trade, Russian settlers

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Contesting the Social Contract

Tax Reform and Economic Governance in Istria, Croatia

Robin Smith

the economy, which was called ‘self-management’, encouraged participation in structures like workers’ councils and trade unions in then state-owned firms. The economic future of local firms was the community's responsibility, and the health of the