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Islamic Biopolitics during Pandemics in Russia

Intertextuality of Religious, Medical and Political Discourses

Sofya A. Ragozina

took place from 23 April to 23 May. References Anderson , B. [1983] ( 1991 ), Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism ( London : Verso ). Asad , T. ( 2018 ), Secular Translations: Nation-State, Modern

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The Pandemic of Productivity

The Work of Home and the Work from Home

Suchismita Chattopadhyay

NnnFvOehgLOOPpe8J.html . Sangari , K. , and S. Vaid , (eds) ( 1989 ), Recasting Women: Essays in Indian Colonial History ( Delhi : Kali for Women ). Sarkar , T. ( 2001 ), Hindu Wife, Hindu Nation: Community, Religion and Cultural Nationalism

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Physically Distant – Socially Intimate

Reflecting on Public Performances of Resistance in a Pandemic Situation

Marion Hamm

), Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism ( London : Verso ). Baumgarten , B. , P. Daphi and P. Ullrich (ed.) ( 2014 ), Conceptualizing Culture in Social Movement Research ( London : Palgrave Macmillan ). 10

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The Fiscal Commons

Tax Evasion, the State, and Commoning in a Catalonian Cooperative

Vinzenz Bäumer Escobar

( Narotzky 2019: 39 ). This repression was not distributed evenly, mostly affecting those on the left (ibid.). According to Juris (2008: 66) , this would therefore eventually create a fusion between Catalan nationalism and Catholic and Marxist traditions

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Eugene N. Anderson, Jodie Asselin, Jessica diCarlo, Ritwick Ghosh, Michelle Hak Hepburn, Allison Koch, and Lindsay Vogt

mere presence of Itaipú reverberate differently, not only at the levels of binationality and region but also within the particular nationalisms and social contracts of Brazil and Paraguay. The literature on the co-constitution of water and politics is

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Victor Igreja

tendency has been to advance moral prescriptions focused on men and diffused politics of identity and nationalism. For instance, Turnbull described DV as ‘unAustralian’, and stated that ‘real men don’t hit women’ ( Ireland 2015 ). Taken together, these

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From the Throes of Anguished Mourning

Shi‘i Ritual Lamentation and the Pious Publics of Lebanon

Fouad Gehad Marei

, violence, governance, pluralism, nationalism ( Geertz 1973: 30) . Moreover, I share the viewpoint that the entrainment of emotional states through ritualized interactions is a fundamental mechanism of social life ( R. Collins 2004 ). Therefore, I understand

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‘People-Place-Process’ and Attachment in the Museum

A New Paradigm for Understanding Belonging?

Susannah Eckersley

, Heimat is also strongly connected to emotive and sensory attachments to place, such as through food, music, traditions, language or dialect. It is also frequently used in both historical and contemporary forms of political nationalism, where the supposed

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Refugee studies in Austria today

From challenges to a research horizon

Leonardo Schiocchet, Sabine Bauer-Amin, Maria Six-Hohenbalken, and Andre Gingrich

current situation as the return of right-wing populism and neo-nationalism ( Gingrich and Banks 2006 ) on a global scale, but with clear conflict potentials and strong regional specificities, some of which include the intentional undermining of standard

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Blurred memories

War and disaster in a Buddhist Sinhala village

Mara Benadusi

campaign and military offensives against the LTTE, Rajapaksa intensified the Buddhist Sinhala nationalism embedded in his familial tradition. His father, a prominent political figure in Hambantota District, had been nicknamed the King of Ruhuna by his