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Acts Is Acts

Tautology and Theopolitical Form

Maria José de Abreu

in Catholic Charismatic religious performances in Brazil. In its most elementary form, a tautology is a logical proposition whereby something is made true via repetition of the same ( tautos ) statement. In this form of Catholic revivalism, tautology

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Into and Out of Citizenship, through Personal Tax Payments

Romanian Migrants’ Leveraging of British Self-Employment

Dora-Olivia Vicol

performance reviews and team-building exercises colonize personal time ( Adkins and Lury 1999 ; Chelcea 2015 ), and how audit cultures impose a logic of accountancy on everyday life ( Power 1997 ; Strathern 2000 ). It is puzzling, therefore, that despite the

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Degrees of Permeability

Confinement, Power and Resistance in Freetown's Central Prison

Luisa T. Schneider

performance enacted to expose the failures of the police – a performance in which the magistrate partakes. Addressing the full courtroom, the magistrate calls the man ‘the most efficient police officer in Freetown's history’. In fact, he gives him his nickname

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Sensory Perception of Rock Art in East Siberia and the Far East

Soviet Archeological “Discoveries” and Indigenous Evenkis

Donatas Brandišauskas

intentions of ancient artists. He also believed that such an artistic performance reflected the attempts of the painter to help people “fill life with beauty,” “humanistic features,” and “nobility.” According to Okladnikov, when archaeologists copied drawings

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Asale Angel-Ajani, Carolyn J. Dean, and Meg McLagan

emerge. These critics had inadvertently shaped an image of a victim in the course of discussing their own responses to atrocity photos. MM: It sounds like [the witness] moves back from an affectively oriented performance to [a form of witnessing] where

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Katherine Smith

reduced person ( Smith 2017a ) and a performance of sorts, this time of limited bodily function. Julie passed her PIPs assessment on January 13, 2018. She shared with me, discreetly, that she managed to see an increase in her welfare income as a result

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Gender and Empire

The Imprisonment of Women in Eighteenth-Century Siberia

Gwyn Bourlakov

system that extracted resources from the periphery. An examination of gender performance, and the transitional moral and legal expectations of elite women in the eighteenth-century Russian society can help scholars understand deeper meanings of female

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Narmala Halstead

in terms of the contrasts to the disciplinary measures to contain contagion during the seventeenth-century plague in a town. While dissimilar in modes, there are certain resonances in the control mechanisms and ‘disorder’ performances which arose

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Monumental Misunderstandings

The Material Entextualization of Mutual Incomprehension in Sino-Mozambican Relations

Morten Nielsen and Mikkel Bunkenborg

their content, which appears durable and shared, “independent of particular realizations such as readings, interpretations, or performances or their historical transformation” ( Keane 1997: 64 ). In terms of the entextualization of mutual

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Amanda J. Reinke

(voluntarily) or are subsumed by (involuntarily) the state (see Reinke 2018 ). This mirrors the mimetic representations and performances we see in the non-governmental organisational and non-profit worlds more generally (see Bernal and Grewal 2014 ; Fisher