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Valentina Mitkova

, individual asceticism, and unusual personal choice to “reflect” the presence of the remarkable male intellectuals who crossed her life—Hristo Belchev, Pencho Slaveikov, Petko Todorov, the German Slavist Georg Adam, Petar Dunov, and others. In cases when the

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Physically Distant – Socially Intimate

Reflecting on Public Performances of Resistance in a Pandemic Situation

Marion Hamm

daily life, a commitment grounded in a radical history. Jane and Yonka grew up and studied in Germany, and work in Austria. For Jane, the Partisans, their history and those who remember them are part of her chosen daily life in Italy. She is acutely

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Roads versus Rivers

Two Systems of Spatial Structuring in Northern Russia and Their Effects on Local Inhabitants

Kirill V. Istomin

Institute for Social Anthropology (Halle, Germany) between 2005 and 2012. Others have been part of other projects not directly related to spatial cognition. However, as many anthropologists have experienced, it is difficult to abandon a topic once studied in

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“Maternal Impressions”

Disability Memoirs in Socialist Poland

Natalia Pamula

“polonizing” the population, for example, the expulsion of Germans and Jews from postwar Poland, 23 there is relatively little on other attempts to refashion populations, including rehabilitation and disability politics. Attention to disability thus allows us

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Babak Rezvani

; Rezvani and Ilyasov 2017 ; Shahshahani 2019 ; Shoeibi 2019 ). Friedrich Ratzel (1844–1904), a German geographer, has two major works that may be worth mentioning in this regard: Völkerkunde – which could be translated as knowledge about peoples, or

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Voices that Matter?

Methods for Historians Attending to the Voices of the Past

Josephine Hoegaerts

temperate climes, there should be life and grace. The Frenchman's tones should be short, piquant, airy and gay. The German's, broad, slow, reverential. The Italian's, voluptuous and melodic. The Englishman's, positive, stubborn, formal.” 82 Such

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Steven Roberts and Karla Elliott

social justice. Cornelia Behnke and Sylka Scholz (2015), for instance, find that East German men today have egalitarian, pragmatic partnership arrangements, rather than simply subscribing to the West German discourse of involved fatherhood. Behnke and

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Notes around Hospitality as Inhabitation

Engaging with the Politics of Care and Refugees’ Dwelling Practices in the Italian Urban Context

Camillo Boano and Giovanna Astolfo

building relations and belonging” ( Boano 2019: 6 ). Agamben makes reference to Martin Heidegger's well-known Building, Dwelling, Thinking 1951 text. Contrary to Benveniste's definition, Heidegger argues that the real meaning of the German verb bauen

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Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins

lacquer an intimately scored socio-spatial terrain. Of course, epidemiological nationalism did not emerge everywhere, nor everywhere in the same ways. From the role of German Bundesländer to targeted restrictions on certain cities and regions, many

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Carceral Repair

Methane Extraction in Lake Kivu, Rwanda

Kristin Doughty

beehive shape, which according to the German architect was ‘inspired by traditional Rwandan hut construction’ ( Wild 2016 ), as for its exterior lights, which rotate in spiralling green, yellow and blue, the colours of the Rwandan flag. Its successful