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Ståle Knudsen, Ingrid Birce Müftüoğlu, and Isabelle Hugøy

. These two trends are related. As governments lose control over capital, ameliorative soft governance is sought through international voluntary frameworks. How do these changes affect the way responsibility is handled by corporations? We pursue this

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Philippine Prison Marriages

The Politics of Kinship and Women's Composite Agency

Sif Lehman Jensen

This article takes its departure in a group of women who are married to imprisoned rebel suspects in Manila, the Philippine capital. The women originate from Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago, the country's southern region, where the Muslim

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From Ecuador to Elsewhere

The (Re)Configuration of a Transit Country

Soledad Álvarez Velasco

peripheries within the capital accumulation process ( Walters 2010 ). Therefore, the nodal tension between mobility and geopolitics is the main force producing transit countries as part of extended border zones ( Collyer and King 2015 ). As Antje Missbach and

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Narva as Method

Urban Inventories and the Mutation of the Postsocialist City

Francisco Martínez

global and local government are lodged within this city. This concept was originally proposed by Michał Murawski, who, in his study of the Stalinist skyscraper in Warsaw, shows how the actual capitalist ambition of the Polish capital is transfixed by

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Living Through and Living On?

Participatory Humanitarian Architecture in the Jarahieh Refugee Settlement, Lebanon

Riccardo Luca Conti, Joana Dabaj, and Elisa Pascucci

capital” and which, between 1860 and the early 2000s, “was built and developed by refugees who brought their labour, their capital, their know-how,” the presence of displaced people is far from being simply an exceptional “crisis” ( Fawaz 2016: 5

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Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh and Juliano Fiori

, since the crisis of capitalist democracy in the 1970s, the internationalization of capital and the financialization of economies have had a polarizing effect on society. According to Guilluy, there are now two social groupings: the upper classes, who

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Gender and Empire

The Imprisonment of Women in Eighteenth-Century Siberia

Gwyn Bourlakov

space for the political exile of the elite, specifically to exclude their influence on political matters in the capital. On the one hand, Asian Siberia was imagined in official legal rhetoric to imitate Russian cultural forms of agriculture centered on

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Issues of Gender Representation in Modern Greek Art

The Case of Thaleia Flora-Caravia's Photographic Images and Self-Portraits

Despoina Tsourgianni

Georgios Iakovidis (1853–1932), 7 and Anton Ažbe (1862–1905), 8 as women were not accepted as students at the prestigious School of Fine Arts. Her time in the Bavarian capital played a major role not only in shaping the bold and independent character of

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Roads versus Rivers

Two Systems of Spatial Structuring in Northern Russia and Their Effects on Local Inhabitants

Kirill V. Istomin

posts and administrative centers) and, at least for the Komi informants from Samburg and Saranpaul’, consists of second-order regions situated on the Ob’ tributaries. These smaller regions are situated one after the other, each with its own capital and

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“Your debts are our problem”

The politicization of debt in Azerbaijan

Tristam Barrett

also jeopardized government spending on social projects and hit business hard, leading to mass layoffs and an overall negative impact on poor and middle-class households. A shakedown of local businesses led to immediate capital flight and subsequent