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No One Can Hold It Back

The Theopolitics of Water and Life in Chilean Patagonia without Dams

Carlota McAllister

Schmittian models of sovereignty through the hierarchical logic of the exception. A theopolitical analytics probes “the theological sensoria through which performances by … a host of more-than-human entities are able to incarnate” the substances of politics

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Carceral Entrapments

Views from the Prison/Street Interface in India

Mahuya Bandyopadhyay

criminal entrepreneurs, political dynasts and dabang (strongman) local leaders and politicians in India ( Kumar 2018 ) resonates with many strands in Bhai's narrative. The performance of violence in everyday life to script an authoritative presence and to

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Amanda J. Reinke

(voluntarily) or are subsumed by (involuntarily) the state (see Reinke 2018 ). This mirrors the mimetic representations and performances we see in the non-governmental organisational and non-profit worlds more generally (see Bernal and Grewal 2014 ; Fisher

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Non “Religious” Knowing in Pilgrimages to Sacred Sites

Greek Cypriots’ “return” Pilgrimages to the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas (Cyprus)

Evgenia Mesaritou

Bryant (2012: 339 ; 2014: 683 ; 2016: 23 ) and Bryant and Knight 2019: 35 talks of the “threshold of anticipation.” References Bajc , Vida . 2007 . “ Creating Ritual through Narrative, Place, and Performance in Evangelical Protestant

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Monumental Misunderstandings

The Material Entextualization of Mutual Incomprehension in Sino-Mozambican Relations

Morten Nielsen and Mikkel Bunkenborg

their content, which appears durable and shared, “independent of particular realizations such as readings, interpretations, or performances or their historical transformation” ( Keane 1997: 64 ). In terms of the entextualization of mutual

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Connecting and Disconnecting

Exploring Prisoners’ Relations with the Outside World in Myanmar

Andrew M. Jefferson and Tomas Max Martin

case study reported here. 2 We are grateful to a sharp-eyed reviewer for drawing our attention to this work on detachment. 3 See also Maryon McDonald's (2015) fascinating account of surgeons’ performances of detachment during organ transplantation

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Building ships while breaking apart

Container economies and the limits of chaebol capitalism

Elisabeth Schober

a performance during which a group of dancers, secured by strings and dressed in red and white, floated along the blue hull of the ship. A vessel commissioned by a French shipping company, built under the guidance of a Korean chaebol , with the

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Staying Tuned

Connections beyond ‘the Field’

Geoffrey Hughes and Anna-Maria Walter

University Press . Gergen , Kenneth J. 2002 . “ The Challenge of Absent Presence .” In Perpetual Contact: Mobile Communication, Private Talk, Public Performance , ed. James E. Katz and Mark Aakhus , 227 – 241 . Cambridge : Cambridge University

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Ethnographic witnessing

Or, hope is the first anthropological emotion

Carole McGranahan

ethnographic witnessing is, as anthropologist and performance artist Gina Athena Ulysse (2015) puts it, a means of engaging the visceral in the structural so that processes of inequality and dehumanisation can be named and challenged. Witnessing is moral

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Julián Antonio Moraga Riquelme, Leslie E. Sponsel, Katrien Pype, Diana Riboli, Ellen Lewin, Marina Pignatelli, Katherine Swancutt, Alejandra Carreño Calderón, Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, Sergio González Varela, Eugenia Roussou, Juan Javier Rivera Andía, Miho Ishii, Markus Balkenhol, and Marcelo González Gálvez

humans, animals, and divinities through inspiration as an activator, ensuring the well-being of each species that composes and participates in the ritual performance. In the chapter dedicated to the complex mountain spirit in the Peruvian Andes, Sax shows