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Scale and Number

Framing an Ideology of Pastoral Plenty in Rural Mongolia

Joseph Bristley

-century studies of ‘spheres of exchange’ ( Bohannan 1959 ), different categories of traded valuables ( Malinowski [1922] 2010 ), and the framing of distinct but intermeshed scales of time reckoning ( Evans-Pritchard 1940 ). In this article, however, I invert the

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Rihab Azar

describe as “non–fair trade”—insofar as it has generated more benefits (material and intellectual) for the outsider “research er ” than the insider research ed. Against this backdrop, there has to be a better scale to weigh the value of shared life

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“Maternal Impressions”

Disability Memoirs in Socialist Poland

Natalia Pamula

organization, Komitet obrony robotników (Workers’ defense committee). Solidarność (Solidarity), the workers’ trade union instrumental in taking down the entire socialist system in Poland, started in 1980, and in 1981 martial law 14 was introduced. Yet none of

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Fieldwork at sunset

Visual representations of anthropology online

Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins and Hannah Gould

and Ferguson 1997: 12–14 ). Malinowski's “gear” included a camera ( Wright 1991 ; Young 1998 ), already a tool of the trade by Alfred Haddon's 1898 Torres Strait expedition ( Geismar 2006 ). Despite a wavering course toward photography's embrace as

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From behind stall doors

Farming the Eastern German countryside in the animal welfare era

Amy Leigh Field

On 17 January 2015, some 20,000 people weathered the bitter cold in Berlin's Potsdamer Platz to protest the European Union's planned negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the United States. According to

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Listening with Displacement

Sound, Citizenship, and Disruptive Representations of Migration

Tom Western

systems ( Ochoa Gautier 2019 ). Recent work has expanded the geographies of sound studies, considering how audile techniques played key roles in colonial knowledge production, how sounds have long been part of the global trade of ideas, and how conceptions

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Sensory Perception of Rock Art in East Siberia and the Far East

Soviet Archeological “Discoveries” and Indigenous Evenkis

Donatas Brandišauskas

arrowheads, bullets, traps, fire tools) as well as valuable personal belongings or carved idols ( shenkens ) as well as pieces of food ( Figure 4 ). In the period of trade between China and Russia, such sites were also decorated with trading items such as

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Crafting Spaces of Value

Infrastructure, Technologies of Extraction and Contested Oil in Nigeria

Omolade Adunbi

extraction, what Hannah Appel et al. (2015: 18) call ‘a global production network with particular properties, actors, governance structures, ecologies, institutions and organizations’, creates a distribution and global trade network that is constituted as a

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Marco Solimene, Mariann Vaczi, Paul Manning, Bozena Sojka, Stephen Quilley, Anna Zhelnina, and Aimar Ventsel

work as an ‘invisible link’, eventually re-establishing and confirming a Gabor morality, identity and community of practice. The second part of the book expands the analysis to the Cărhar Roma, who also trade in beakers and tankards, sometimes buying

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Julienne Weegels

to beatings or the prison drug trade. An incident that occurred while former prisoner Beto spoke about police harassment underlined this. At the time, Beto had already been out of prison for five years, yet his post-release experience of continued