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Janet Elise Johnson and Mara Lazda

work before the Germans pulled down the wall was a feminist anthology, Powers of Desire: The Politics of Sexuality (1983), coedited with Christine Stansell and Sharon Thompson. Powers of Desire was an activist-literary-scholarly cri de coeur for a

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Nell Gabiam

ended in the summer of 2019 and that examines the experiences of secondary exile of Palestinians displaced by the war in Syria. During this period, I travelled to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany and Sweden, and

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Women and War in the Balkans

A Comparative Review Essay

Maria Bucur

. Additionally, historians have obsessed for a hundred years over the shifts in internal and international alliances between the pro-German versus pro-Entente factions, which led to Romania's delayed entrance in the war. Ciupală is in a very small minority of

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Carceral Repair

Methane Extraction in Lake Kivu, Rwanda

Kristin Doughty

beehive shape, which according to the German architect was ‘inspired by traditional Rwandan hut construction’ ( Wild 2016 ), as for its exterior lights, which rotate in spiralling green, yellow and blue, the colours of the Rwandan flag. Its successful

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Public Health in Eastern Europe

Visible Modernization and Elusive Gender Transformation

Evguenia Davidova

, statistics and social hygiene were to play a significant role, and they permeated public debates. Conceptually, racial degeneration was an import from France and Germany, where most Romanian doctors were educated, but was readily adapted to local conditions

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Plastic Packaging, Food Supply, and Everyday Life

Adopting a Social Practice Perspective in Social-Ecological Research

Lukas Sattlegger, Immanuel Stieß, Luca Raschewski, and Katharina Reindl

of thought in Austria and Germany, sharing a common research focus but applying heterogeneous theoretical and conceptual assumptions (for a comparison, see Kramm et al. 2017 ). In this article, we mainly refer to SRN as they are conceptualized in the

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Working against and with the State

From Sanctuary to Resettlement

Audrey Macklin

. But friction remained, and the nature of the conflicts are revealing, especially when viewed in a comparative light. German scholar Larissa Fleischmann (2019) documents the interaction between state authorities and the burgeoning numbers of Germans

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Issues of Gender Representation in Modern Greek Art

The Case of Thaleia Flora-Caravia's Photographic Images and Self-Portraits

Despoina Tsourgianni

, following her nine-month stay and study in Paris (1903), as well as the traveling exhibition of her works in Germany (1905), the painter returned to Istanbul and moved to a new studio. Her memories of this period are preserved in an exciting excerpt of her

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Bringing the state back in

Corporate social responsibility and the paradoxes of Norwegian state capitalism in the international energy sector

Ståle Knudsen, Dinah Rajak, Siri Lange, and Isabelle Hugøy

American and German neo-liberalisms could be seen as two different, contextually dependent, answers to the questions of how to “not govern too much” while balancing freedom and security. The German ordoliberalists of the 1940s and 1950s considered that the

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Doing global investments the Nordic way

The “business case” for Equinor's support to union work among its employees in Tanzania

Siri Lange

: 45 ). Despite their role in CSR policies in coordinated market economies, as in the Nordic countries and Germany, the role of unions and work councils have been almost ignored ( Gold et al. 2020 ; Scholz and Vitols 2019: 237 ). However, in many