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Greagh Smith, Conal McCarthy, Bronwyn Labrum, Ken Arnold, Dominique Poulot, Jill Haley, Jun Wei, and Safua Akeli Amaama

patriot, who only brings together German paintings. But he also intended to train artists by promoting their studies by financing their copies of Italian models during their pilgrimages to the peninsula. In this, he participated in the pedagogical and

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‘Life Is Tight Here’

Displacement and Desire amongst Syrian Refugee Women in Jordan

Morgen A. Chalmiers

described her husband Hassan's desire to eventually join his brother in Germany: My husband Hassan wants to go [to Germany] where his brother Mohammed has been living … There are a lot of Syrians there [in Germany] who travelled from here because they

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Ben Page, Olga R. Gulina, Doğuş Şimşek, Caress Schenk, and Vidya Venkat

point out that “these different models can often coexist in the same national context, or dominant ideas and ideologies can change over time” (326). It happened many times: when Germany accepted a majority of humanitarian migrants in 2014–2020 but

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Adriana Zaharijević, Kristen Ghodsee, Efi Kanner, Árpád von Klimó, Matthew Stibbe, Tatiana Zhurzhenko, Žarka Svirčev, Agata Ignaciuk, Sophia Kuhnle, Ana Miškovska Kajevska, Chiara Bonfiglioli, Marina Hughson, Sanja Petrović Todosijević, Enriketa Papa-Pandelejmoni, Stanislava Barać, Ayşe Durakbaşa, Selin Çağatay, and Agnieszka Mrozik

cultural Cold War were the countries between Germany and the Soviet Union, then called “Eastern Europe” (although Prague lies west of Vienna), which had been occupied by Soviet troops and ruled by communist parties. Both the United States and the Soviet

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Objects as Archives of a Disrupted Past

The Lengnangulong Sacred Stone from Vanuatu in France, Revisited

Hugo DeBlock

collecting trip in competition with the Germans, who by then had been emptying what was German New Guinea at the time at a very hasty pace. Lewis collected an astonishing fourteen thousand objects in Melanesia in total ( Lewis 1932 ; see also Welsch 1998

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Felix Girke

southern Ethiopia after returning to Germany from long-term fieldwork. Deaths, disasters, diseases—I could have coped better had these occurred when I was physically present. Learning about them from a distance, I felt vulnerable and isolated, and no phone

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Sheila K. Hoffman

), Seoul, South Korea; 1 The Pergamon Museum, Berlin, Germany; 2 The Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis (MASP), Chateaubriand, Brazil; 3 and the National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City. 4 If you have never visited or have and are looking for the

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Stuart Kirsch

the statute of limitations expired. There are means by which the law may prospectively anticipate future health effects, as in the recent settlement of a lawsuit against the German company Bayer for the health impacts of the toxic herbicide Roundup, in

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Andrew Dawson

Second World War comparisons that have been aplenty in the United Kingdom ( Tisdall 2020 ), it appears akin to Germany's pathetic gesture of air dropping medals to its supply-starved soldiers on the Eastern Front. Surely health-care workers need PPEs more

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Following, Othering, Taking Over

Research Participants Redefining the Field through Mobile Communication Technology

Nanneke Winters

allowing me a glimpse of your journey. Notes 1 A pseudonym in honor of her daughter. 2 This project was generously funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), grant number: 406978565. 3 Some of this critique reflects earlier discussions of