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Taxes for Independence

Rejecting a Fiscal Model of Reciprocity in Peri-urban Bolivia

Miranda Sheild Johansson

independence from the state as opposed to interdependence with it. Paying income tax and VAT, on the other hand, did not confer instant rights, offering instead only the promise of inclusion in a future, national collective. This was a collective world that

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Imagined individuality

Cultivating separated personhood in Cuba and beyond

Ståle Wig

interdependent relations) with the Western “individual” (an indivisible self, solid, constituted by personal independence). While Strathern's and Dumont's theoretical contributions differ and have faced criticism on different grounds ( LiPuma 1998 ; Shweder and

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Battlegrounds of dependence

Reconfiguring labor, kinship and relational obligation

Keir Martin, Ståle Wig, and Sylvia Yanagisako

infrastructure upon which we all “depend,” with warm appreciation. Debates about dependence always entail debates about control and obligation. To speak of one's dependence on healthcare workers is to recognize the limits of one's agency, one's independence, and

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Putting Anthropology into Global Health

A Century of Anti–Human African Trypanosomiasis Campaigns in Angola

Jorge Varanda and Josenando Théophile

new HAT cases that health workers recorded immediately prior to Angolan independence (1975). The small number of new cases made the ‘dream’ of HAT's apparent elimination seem real and permanent at the time. But it was not. Based on several years

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Uneasy Entanglements

Solar Energy Development in Zanzibar

Erin Dean

Zanzibar until Britain declared a formal protectorate in 1890. Britain left the Sultanate as an administrative unit, and the Sultan of Oman was the ostensible ruler of the archipelago until Zanzibari independence in 1963. However, Britain maintained

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Viral Intimacy and Catholic Nationalist Political Economy

Covid-19 and the Community Response in Rural Ireland

David Whyte

universally across cultural contexts, Christian nationalisms take distinct forms that draw on local histories ( Bialecki 2017 ). Prior to Ireland's successful war of independence against (Protestant) British rule (1919–1921), Catholicism had become inseparable

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Proximity, Responsibility and Temporality at Resource Frontiers

Corporate-Community Relations in the Colombian Mining Sector

Laura Knöpfel


This article discusses the relation between proximity and temporality in the negotiation of corporate responsibilities in the Colombian coal mining sector. Corporate responsibility practices and discourses are oriented towards the future closures of coal mines and centred on self-reliance and independence of communities affected by the mining business. By invoking the future closures, the coal mines were temporalised in ways that turned the corporate responsibility into the personal and public responsibilities of the affected communities and the state. The article argues that the anticipation of the future closure served as a mode to cut proximity-based relations of corporate responsibility. Furthermore, it is suggested that the law has not (yet) sufficiently considered the relations between past corporate presences, lasting proximities, and corporate responsibility.

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Sardinian Lives Matter

Dynamics and Reactions in an Italian Internal Colony

Luca Lai and Sharon Watson

Sardinia had five centuries of independence up until the fifteenth century, and thereafter partial institutional autonomy until 1847. With its inclusion in the Italian state, Sardinia’s cultural, economic, institutional and political systems make it uniquely colonial in comparison to other ethnic/national minorities across Europe (Basque, Welsh, Catalan, etc.), leaving limited real choices for development to the locals and constraining what is seen as real and attainable for its future (Escobar 2020). This contribution demonstrates how Sardinia is an internal colony of Italy. We provide examples of decolonisation initiatives and provoke further interrogation on the ways in which the Black Lives Matter movement (and other efforts) are sustaining alternative visions for Sardinians’ political, economic, cultural and social future.

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Tsenay Serequeberhan

philosophic-interpretative reflections. Now then, with this understanding in mind let us, again in broad strokes, look at our present African postcolonial condition. The 1960s saw the achievement of independence in most of Africa. The 1970s witnessed the

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Jean Comaroff and John Comaroff

into the lives of women with HIV in Papua New Guinea, shows that these “dead” individuals—dead because they are only alive due to ARVs—are held accountable for two things at once: excessive independence, manifest in their uncontrolled sex, and excessive