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Icelandic Resource Landscapes and the State

Experiments in Energy, Capital, and Aluminium

James Maguire

early 2000s as vast capital flows enter the country. Making Liveability: Thermal Heat The view from the sixth floor of Reykjavík Energy's geologically inspired head office 8 is impressive as snow stretches towards the horizon, stencilling out

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Women and children together and apart

Finding the time for social reproduction theory

Jan Newberry and Rachel Rosen

through the quickened tempo of debt servicing for the achievement of social reproduction. Back to social reproductive theory again Capital's fundamental contradiction between its drive for immediate profit and the need to regenerate labor power has been

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Jean Comaroff and John Comaroff

slave that gave rise to intersubjective consciousness. Famously, Marx reformulated this dynamic as the structural conflict between classes, itself an historic interplay between two orders of dependence: of workers on wage labor, and of capital on the

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Hege Høyer Leivestad and Johanna Markkula

private–public partnerships, with massive infrastructures funded by ample state-provided and private capital, and maintained by a mobile and undervalued workforce (see Schober, this issue). It is this complex of “seaborne capitalism” we explore through

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Christine Moderbacher

research participants, Cise and Hamuda. We had shared much the previous year, in a carpentry center close to the market designed to improve the chances of the capital's marginalized population—mostly people with a migratory background—within the labor

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Bringing the state back in

Corporate social responsibility and the paradoxes of Norwegian state capitalism in the international energy sector

Ståle Knudsen, Dinah Rajak, Siri Lange, and Isabelle Hugøy

home and a perceived need to internationalize Norwegian state capital. While working far from home, these energy corporations relate and adapt to local and national particularities in their places of operation. At the same time, the standards and

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Containing mobilities

Changing time and space of maritime labor

Johanna Markkula

time and space through the accelerated circulation of ships, goods, capital, and labor across the world are experienced by a key group of workers who have been central to these processes, yet largely peripheral to scholarly discussions thereof. 2 More

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Postcolonial Finance

The Political History of ‘Risk-Versus-Reward’ Investment in Emerging Markets

Cecilia Schultz

shape transnational flows of capital, ideas, goods and relations of power, IPE scholars are increasingly paying attention to the impact of global finance on emerging markets. Heterodox IPE scholars have especially been critical of how financialisation in

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In the shade of the chinar

Dushanbe's affective spatialities

Malika Bahovadinova

the area of Dushanbe, at the time a small village ( kish-lok ) in Central Asia. Overcome with the desire to find the piano, Alla Seergeevna embarks on a trip to Dushanbe, which had since become the capital of Soviet Tajikistan. When she arrives, she

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Experiencing Graduated Intimacies during Lockdown (Fengcheng)

A Reflexive and Comparative Approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Urban China

Junjie Chen

as in the national capital of Beijing. Drawing on this online fieldwork, I examine how local people's daily experiences of intimate practices during the lockdown were not only transformed profoundly by city governments’ omnipresent efforts at