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Performance, Power, Exclusion, and Expansion in Anthropological Accounts of Protests

Aet Annist

( Youngs 2017 ), we are offering this topical special section to analyze protests through an ethnographic lens. Concentrating on power and performance, the articles consider the matrix within which the protests emerge—the time and space, the historic and

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Narratives of the Invisible

Autobiography, Kinship, and Alterity in Native Amazonia

Vanessa Elisa Grotti and Marc Brightman

societies outside Amazonia ( Chaumeil 1983 ; Eliade 1964 ; Harner 1973) . In native Amazonia, a genre of ritual autobiography exists that combines mythic narratives and stories of personal experience in performances of dreams and visions, and the analysis

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Eluding the Esculacho

A Masculinities Perspective on the Enduring Warrior Ethos of Rio de Janeiro's Police

Celina Myrann Sørbøe

both in the police culture and in the favela. I thus situate the warrior ethos as a masculine performance shaped by gendered role expectations in the organizational, occupational, and street-working environment of the police. With this emphasis on the

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Ståle Knudsen, Ingrid Birce Müftüoğlu, and Isabelle Hugøy

of persons who interact with Statkraft. Furthermore, we have conducted ethnographic fieldwork in local communities in Turkey and surveyed corporate and government documents, relevant internet sites of the corporation, and international performance and

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Traversing Fields

Affective Continuities across Muslim and Christian Settings in Berlin

Omar Kasmani and Dominik Mattes

-being. This is followed by zikr , the Sufi performance of a mindful remembrance of Allah. Zikr involves recitations; it invokes revered saints. What opens with quiet reflection—eyes shut, heads lowered, and arms wrapped around torsos—almost always gives way

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Circling around the really Real in Iran

Ethnography of Muharram laments among Shi'i volunteer militants in the Middle East

Younes Saramifar

allure of the unarticulated. Second, I describe those ceremonies with regard to the performance that shapes them. Third, I introduce the Lacanian Real to explain the unarticulated through an ethnography of mourning and lamentation. I use the Lacanian Real

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Xandra Miguel-Lorenzo

personal documents. Such was the case documented by El Extra ( Tancara 2009 ) when a cholita was murdered when she was returning home after a party. She was also missing her blanket and bowler hat. This relates to the performance in the wrestling ring

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Ward Keeler

—my imperfect gender performance as a boy troubled my mother, who tried to fix me, and baffled my father, who simply withdrew—somehow suggested to me, however inchoately, that things might go better elsewhere. My older brother Rocky fulfilled all gender

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Between social footprint and compliance, or “what IBAMA wants”

Equinor Brazil's social sustainability policy

Iselin Åsedotter Strønen

details about their views on Equinor's performance, one technician was evidently reluctant to dispense praise, stating that the companies (in general) were “merely following the law.” This comment illustrates IBAMA's eagerness to entrench the idea that

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Bringing the state back in

Corporate social responsibility and the paradoxes of Norwegian state capitalism in the international energy sector

Ståle Knudsen, Dinah Rajak, Siri Lange, and Isabelle Hugøy

performance of corporate responsibility by Nordic energy companies. They reveal how the relationship between transnationalism, state power, and local politics plays out in different ways in diverse contexts. In this introduction, we contextualize these cases