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Tadashi Hirai

development despite its limitations. Trust in Society Trust is indispensable for being human, given that humans are, as the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle (350 BCE) once remarked, “political animals.” It lubricates the inevitable frictions of

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The Curious Case of Slovakia

Regime Preferences Thirty Years after the Velvet Revolution

Zuzana Reptova Novakova

” (infamously coined by Francis Fukuyama), there were no alternatives to liberal political and economic models ( Krastev and Holmes 2019 ). A marriage of convenience between democracy and the free market made both part of the same deal, bearing a promise of

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Jaap Westbroek, Harry Nijhuis, and Laurent van der Maesen

address the challenge of the sustainability of human existence on earth. The persistent and ongoing scientific divide has intensely frustrated comprehensive the visions, politics, and policies needed to realize this sustainability. Part 1: Evolutionary

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Humanosphere Potentiality Index

Appraising Existing Indicators from a Long-term Perspective

Takahiro Sato, Mario Ivan López, Taizo Wada, Shiro Sato, Makoto Nishi, and Kazuo Watanabe

best path to a sustainable world is to work within existing political and economic systems at a global level ( Fukai 2006 ). To overcome these limitations observed in existing indicators, a new analytical framework is needed that is independent of the

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Pathways to Empowerment

The Social Quality Approach as a Foundation for Person-Centered Interventions

Judith R. L. M. Wolf and Irene E. Jonker

: If the agency is put under pressure, whether that's financial pressure or political, then … it's going to lapse back into previous behavior and start saying to clients, “It's a good idea if you do what we say, then you'll all turn out okay.” At that