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Thomas J. Eveland

the array of topics covered and the references and recommended readings accompanying many contributions. A notable strength is that the writings rise above mechanical tips about ‘what to do when’ that are found in many scholarly and university

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Enacting inclusivity in the preparation of emerging scholars

A response to programme reform in higher education

Saran Stewart, Chayla Haynes, and Kristin Deal

how to operate out of only one dimension of my identity instead of drawing on the strength of an integrated identity. Our first weeks were full of course discussions and readings that integrated theory and research, reflecting a transformative and

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Beth Pickard

valued in academia. There were 156 statements that demonstrated an affirmative stance towards disability, acknowledging the potential value and strengths that disabled students bring to higher education. For example, one source suggested diagnostic

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Girlhood and Ethics

The Role of Bodily Integrity

Mar Cabezas and Gottfried Schweiger

deserves to have access to a soccer ball and whether she thinks she has the resources and strength to reverse any present circumstance preventing her from accessing that experience of kicking it is directly linked to her capabilities related to her self

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Shih-Hsiung Liu

performance levels and thereby determine the feasibility of the proposed teaching framework. Theoretical perspectives The need for a framework A strength of DBPL is that it provides students with opportunities to incorporate their experiential

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Steven Roberts and Karla Elliott

brought them closer to their children.” This parallels Connell (2005: 118) , who highlighted the “economic logic of [working-class men's lives] that underpins egalitarian households, the personal experience of women's strength, and the interest that

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Minestrone Stories

Teaching anthropology through serendipitous cultural exchanges

Regnar Kristensen

dispersed. Resonance turns quickly into dissonance; circumstances that do not contribute to the storm's power often work counter-productively to rupture it. I find this a powerful metaphor to explain the strength and, at the same time, also the weakness of

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Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta, Giulia Messina Dahlberg, and Sylvi Vigmo

strength are communication and disability. 4 Figure 7. Mo Gård Swedish Folk High School. Capture of the full-page screenshot of the website (left). Zooming into the top area of the page (right). Translation from Swedish in the text box. www

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Joost Beuving and Geert de Vries

smartphones, as the use of digital devices will still not be equally distributed. Alice Goffman's On the Run Let us present a case study, one specific example of both the strengths of qualitative research and the strains that this type of research