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Trading Futures

Sadaqah, social enterprise, and the polytemporalities of development gifts

Tom Widger and Filippo Osella

successfully habituated the underpinning ethos of rejecting “handouts” and “paying one's way.” For some local residents this did appear attractive, while for others it was insulting and politically unpalatable. Such a trade in futures articulated by the

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Jon Schubert

Frictionless global trade is both a precondition and an ideological foundation of what is commonly and ahistorically glossed as globalization. In this narrative, the increasingly cost-effective outsourcing and reallocation of manufacturing across

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“Deception begins with trade … ”

Vladimir Arsen’ev’s Economic Expertise and Challenges of Rationalizing Imperial Diversity in the Taiga

Aleksandr Turbin

'ev concluded that Chinese trade in the taiga was under the control of the “rich merchants of Vladivostok.” 34 In 1911, in his report to the governor general, Arsen'ev developed this idea, indicating that all Chinese activities in the taiga were controlled by

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Life in the ant trails

Cocaine and caustic circuits in Bissau

Henrik Vigh

In many ways, the cocaine trade in Bissau has come to saturate the city's social and political environment. What used to be the sleepy capital of the small and geopolitically negligible West African country of Guinea-Bissau has acquired a rather

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Who cares about the cargo?

Container economies in a European transshipment port

Hege Høyer Leivestad

what sustaining the flow of global goods looks like on the ground and how container economies are dependent upon the labor of keeping capital in the form of cargo physically moving. As a potent symbol of global trade, the shipping container appears as

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Manly Merchants

Commerce, Mobility and Masculinity among Afghan Traders in Eurasia

Magnus Marsden

control their passions. In Javanese society, women are placed in control of the household finances and dominate trade across the region's market places and at a range of scales, from petty trader to wealthy merchant (1998: 30–31). Brenner suggests, however

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Bringing Slavery into the Light in Postcolonial Portugal

The rhetoric and poetics of a slavery exhibition

Paula Mota Santos

colonial endeavors, geopolitical systems that were deeply rooted in the massive transatlantic slave trade that produced what Paul Gilroy (1993) named “the black Atlantic.” But if Portugal was the first European nation to establish colonial rule, it was

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Places of Otherness

Comparing Eastleigh, Nairobi, and Xiaobei, Guangzhou, as Sites of South-South Migration

Neil Carrier and Gordon Mathews

mobility is perceived and treated by host countries. As trade hubs they also reveal how much mobility of people within the Global South depends on the flow of trade goods, principally those of what has been termed “low-end globalisation” ( Mathews 2018

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Natural Resources and their Units

Necessary Measures of Resourcefulness in a Norwegian Fruit Landscape

Frida Hastrup

-scale fruit trade survive in a landscape that may not immediately come to mind as having huge horticultural potential. What I want to show is that the ‘necessary measures’ for making fruit cultivation in the area thrive depend on the shifting units through

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Hege Høyer Leivestad and Johanna Markkula

container shipping bankruptcy that history has ever witnessed. Yet, despite the magnitude of the collapse and its immediate consequences for global trade, the Hanjin news hardly made it outside the business sections of large American and European newspapers