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“Did You Teach Us to Do Otherwise?”

Young Women in the Tsukunft Youth Movement in Interwar Poland and Their Role Models

Magdalena Kozłowska

suffering from tuberculosis, she decided to move to the province of Galicia, where she met her future husband, Elijahu Szweber, a member of the local Jewish Social Democratic Party. After World War I, she moved to Warsaw. 52 She became an active trade union

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Marie Paxton and Uğur Aytaç

banks “had just about the same rates of unemployment and just about the same growth rate of income per person as countries with heavily political central banks” (40). Hence, he concludes that the alleged trade-off between growth and inflation is not a

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The Curious Case of Slovakia

Regime Preferences Thirty Years after the Velvet Revolution

Zuzana Reptova Novakova

living threaten local identities and values: 50 percent ( Hajdu and Klingová 2020 ). As many as 58 percent of the respondents indicated that they would trade some of their rights and freedoms for the preservation of their country's traditional values

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“Maternal Impressions”

Disability Memoirs in Socialist Poland

Natalia Pamula

organization, Komitet obrony robotników (Workers’ defense committee). Solidarność (Solidarity), the workers’ trade union instrumental in taking down the entire socialist system in Poland, started in 1980, and in 1981 martial law 14 was introduced. Yet none of

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Maria Bucur, Alexandra Ghit, Ayşe Durakbaşa, Ivana Pantelić, Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild, Elizabeth A. Wood, Anna Müller, Galina Goncharova, Zorana Antonijević, Katarzyna Sierakowska, Andrea Feldman, Maria Kokkinou, Alexandra Zavos, Marija M. Bulatović, Siobhán Hearne, and Rayna Gavrilova

(social standard) bottom characterizing the textile and garments sectors. The chapter details the privatization and layoffs that occurred in three major textile factories located in Macedonia and Croatia. It spotlights former workers’ and trade unionists

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Spencer McKay

trade-offs that arise between different kinds of popular vote processes (Altman: 213; Matsusaka: 129–137). Hollander draws upon disagreements in democratic theory in order to classify different kinds of popular vote processes (28). For instance, she

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Humanosphere Potentiality Index

Appraising Existing Indicators from a Long-term Perspective

Takahiro Sato, Mario Ivan López, Taizo Wada, Shiro Sato, Makoto Nishi, and Kazuo Watanabe

calculation of HPI, indicator values are standardized, integrated into the sub-index, and those sub-indices in the three spheres were integrated again without weighing. We understand that such a calculation process makes the trade-off relationship between the

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Educating the Other

Foreign Governesses in Wallachia in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century

Nicoleta Roman

Cerneţi. Gheorgheovici himself was a parvenu who had gotten rich from cross-border trade. His social aspirations involved making an impression at the local level, and to do this he imitated a model found among the great boyar and merchant families

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Ioana Cîrstocea

), and International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN). 51 Ann Snitow and Gosia (Małgorzata) Tarasiewicz, letter to the NEWW New York–area members, 26 February1997. 52 In early 1998 such echoes reached the NEWW board through correspondence with a US

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Elaine MacKinnon

maintain a healthy milk supply, for even extra rations for mothers were not adequate. Furthermore, Nadezhda had to trade some of her provisions to bribe a guard to bring extra wood for the one stove in the middle of the tent. She contracted mastitis, but