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For Us, By Us

Towards a More Just Philosophical Community

Bryan Mukandi

Africa, Steve Biko (1987 [1978] ) wrote under the pseudonym ‘Frank Talk’. The brutal circumstances surrounding his death suggest that even when imprisoned, Biko may have continued to engage in frank talk despite the predicable response of his gaolers

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Joel Modiri

problematic of European imperial expansion and identified strongly with continental and transnational Pan-Africanisms ( Gerhart 1978: 201, 207 ). For his part, Biko would add an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist internationalist outlook to this position by

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Raphael de Kadt

infamously said that the death in custody of the Black Consciousness leader, Steve Biko left him ‘cold’, saw Turner ‘the most dangerous man in South Africa’. These very words were said to the then German Ambassador, who pleaded with Mr. Kruger to permit

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Some Senses of Pan-Africanism from the South

Christopher Allsobrook

principles haunt South Africa forty years after Biko’s death. With political independence, despite the sterling example of early nationalist leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere, relations between African Nationalism and Pan-Africanism have

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Ndumiso Dladla

indigenous peoples conquered in the unjust wars of colonisation living in the squalor of the townships Biko had in the 1970s described surviving to adulthood within using the same adjective: miraculous. However, dwelling upon the political theory of ‘crime

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Jafta Masemola's Master Key

Experimental Notes on Azanian Aesthetic Theory

Athi Mongezeleli Joja

Africa was not only a creation of white settlers and their colonial backers, but South Africa was never meant for the blackman’ ( 1983: 3 ). But ‘Azania’ he contends, ‘is not just a name given to ‘South Africa’ by the Sobukwes and Steve Bikos. Azania

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Denunciations of dependence

Race, gender, and the double bind of domestic work in the Eastern Cape

Lotte Danielsen

by colonialism as the main tenet of liberation ( Biko 1987: 69 ). Also, if we take Ferguson's claim at face value, it should follow that Southern Africans find fulfillment and recognition within relations of hierarchical dependence. Based on 14

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Anjuli Webster

like Radcliffe-Brown and Hoernle did to consolidate settler colonialism and racial segregation in South Africa ( Niehaus 2016: 113–114 ). Despite Steve Biko's warning four decades ago that whosoever opposed apartheid was not necessarily an ally of the

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Jonathan Magonet

were many. People such as Helen Suzman – my own Member of Parliament as it happened (later she became a congregant of mine!), Donald Woods who championed the cause of Steve Biko and many others were to inspire us as Mandela and the others were recalled