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John Gillespie and Sarah Richmond

throughout Europe and beyond, and have brought into cruel focus the aims and objectives of ISIS and its jihadist ideals. Maria Russo’s discussion of the legitimacy of such an activity using the criterion of Sartre’s doctrine of counter-violence in the cause

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John Gillespie and Katherine Morris

's ‘Does the City of Ends Correspond to a Classless Society? A New Idea of Democracy in Sartre's Hope Now ’ traces Sartre's late rethinking of counter-violence, his development of a conception of democracy that revivifies France's tarnished end of

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Quarantine and Its Malcontents

How Liberians Responded to the Ebola Epidemic Containment Measures

Umberto Pellecchia

viewing part of these rebellions as forms of resistance towards an imposed, as well as ineffective, power. Resistance, for this analysis, is not only confined within the classic boundaries of counter-violence (as in the case of West Point’s riots) but