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Gender and Empire

The Imprisonment of Women in Eighteenth-Century Siberia

Gwyn Bourlakov

state and imperial servitors is found in the account of Iusupova's defiant behavior shortly after she arrived at the Dalmatov Vvedenskii Convent. Surveillance of her actions and behavior was delegated to the nuns Epikhariia, Evtropiia, Evstoliia, Trifena

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Nir Gazit and Yagil Levy

-Police Assemblage .” Critical Sociology 45 ( 7–8 ): 1133 – 1147 . 10.1177/0896920518794269 Dandeker , Christopher . 1990 . Surveillance, Power and Modernity . Cambridge : Polity Press . Delehanty , Casey , Jack Mewhirter , Ryan Welch , and

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Stiletto Socialism

Social Class, Dressing Up, and Women's Self-Positioning in Socialist Slovenia

Polona Sitar

approach is an extension of an older Western Cold War logic, which characterized state socialism “as essentially a culture of surveillance, privation, economic management and colourless lifestyles.” 25 In addition, as David Crowley and Susan Reid note

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“Amongst Affectionate Female Friends”

Same-Sex Intimacy in Nineteenth-Century Polish Correspondence

Natalie Cornett

“scandalous” propaganda, as well as their stubbornness in refusing to confess, by condemning them to exile and intensive surveillance after they served time in jail. 11 The Enthusiasts relied on each other for emotional, intellectual and material support in

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Emma Findlen LeBlanc

imposed from above and can thus only be realized through ‘systemic surveillance, disciplining and punishment’ – in short, ‘violence’. By contrast, historical societies subject to Islamic law were ‘largely self-governing’, because Islamic law proper was a

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Dreams of Prosperity – Enactments of Growth

The Rise and Fall of Farming in Varanger

Marianne Elisabeth Lien

offended ( Gjerdåker 2002: 130 ). Alongside a shift towards farming, laws were passed that prioritized Norwegian speakers and Norwegian terms. Until the mid-nineteenth century, surveillance documents in the region contained mostly Sámi place names, but in

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Emplacing Smells

Spatialities and Materialities of ‘Gypsiness’

Andreea Racleș and Ana Ivasiuc

, these are burnt, generating large amounts of smoke and social alarm in the surrounding neighbourhoods. This has prompted many Romans to demand strict surveillance and even military intervention in camps. The narrative unravelling around the phenomenon

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Maria Bucur, Alexandra Ghit, Ayşe Durakbaşa, Ivana Pantelić, Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild, Elizabeth A. Wood, Anna Müller, Galina Goncharova, Zorana Antonijević, Katarzyna Sierakowska, Andrea Feldman, Maria Kokkinou, Alexandra Zavos, Marija M. Bulatović, Siobhán Hearne, and Rayna Gavrilova

portrays life as saturated with stories of shortages, state surveillance, and coercive practices. But already the first pages of Jill Massino's excellent Ambiguous Transitions: Gender, the State, and Everyday Life in Socialist and Postsocialist Romania

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Adriana Zaharijević, Kristen Ghodsee, Efi Kanner, Árpád von Klimó, Matthew Stibbe, Tatiana Zhurzhenko, Žarka Svirčev, Agata Ignaciuk, Sophia Kuhnle, Ana Miškovska Kajevska, Chiara Bonfiglioli, Marina Hughson, Sanja Petrović Todosijević, Enriketa Papa-Pandelejmoni, Stanislava Barać, Ayşe Durakbaşa, Selin Çağatay, and Agnieszka Mrozik

had become members of “captivated nations,” “enslaved” by the Soviets and their local allies. They claimed that they had lived in “constant fear” of the surveillance apparatus, at times exaggerating its influence so that an RFE report believed that no

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Barriers and borders

Human mobility and building inclusive societies

Anthony Turton

future targets for surveillance. These targets were placed on a list that grew to include transnational flows of money, human trafficking, drug smuggling and cyber warfare. There were many more on the list, but this will suffice. It was in that space