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Ted Nannicelli

starting point for constructing an analogous “structure of antipathy.” Our issue is rounded out with four reviews of important and exciting new books, but Kjeldgaard-Christiansen's discussion of the cinematic construction of moral agency and moral

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Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

fails to attain. A comparison between the nature of central concepts applied by Karl Marx and Amartya Sen about alienation, antagonism, sympathy, antipathy, commitment, and choice of identities are connected with the work of, respectively, Franz Kafka

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The sanctioning state

Official permissiveness and prohibition in India

Ajay Gandhi

sanctioning—as in enabling—process is all the more striking for it has occurred amid public and political antipathy. Political discourse and bureaucratic practice in India often telegraphs hostility to Bangladeshis. How does this oscillating dynamic of the

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Perfect Love in a Better World

Same-Sex Attraction between Girls

Wendy L. Rouse

something wrong” with a girl who wants to spend her life with her “chum.” Ashmore’s writing also reflected popular fears that girl’s education fostered a sense of independence that resulted in an unsexing or masculinization of girls and a growing antipathy

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Emma Findlen LeBlanc

Islamic law is by its nature not suitable for codification’ ( 1964: 92 ). Muhammad Masud and colleagues describe a long-standing antipathy among Islamic authorities towards the compromises required in applying sharia as state law, ‘reflected in a number of

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Temperamental Differences

The Shifting Political Implications of Cousin Marriage in Nineteenth-Century America

Susan McKinnon

recognized that mulattoes are neither so perfect in physical organization, so active mentally, nor so prolific, as the parents on either side. There is certainly more antipathy existing between these races than between individuals of the same race, however

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Anthropology at the dawn of apartheid

Radcliffe-Brown and Malinowski’s South African engagements, 1919–1934

Isak Niehaus

anger at the Trobrianders ( Malinowski 1967 ). Malinowski developed far greater antipathy toward missionaries, whom he wrote “destroy the native’s joy in life,” than toward the paternalistic administrators of the islands ( Young 2004: 341, 382–390 ). At

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The Wall, the Ban, and the Objectification of Women

Has “Uncle Sam” Learned any Lessons from “Typhoid Mary?”

Amani Othman and William W. Darrow

from 2014, and considered a dramatic, new post-2001 record ( CSHE 2016 ). Degrading treatment invokes a sense of bitterness, antipathy, and rejection among the Muslim-American minority. Based on the current perceptions of Muslims, imagine the 1907 Mary