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Cultivating Civic Ecology

A Photovoice Study with Urban Gardeners in Lisbon, Portugal

Krista Harper and Ana Isabel Afonso

) partnership between academic researchers and the members of that organisation. We present the history and contemporary terrain of Lisbon’s urban gardens and then discuss the cultural values that gardeners attach to access to land for cultivating food together

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Money Can't Buy Me Hygge

Danish Middle-Class Consumption, Egalitarianism, and the Sanctity of Inner Space

Jeppe Trolle Linnet

In this article, the style of social interaction known as hygge is analyzed as being related to cultural values that idealize the notion of 'inner space' and to other egalitarian norms of everyday life in Scandinavian societies. While commonly experienced as a pleasurable involvement in a social and spatial interior, hygge is also examined as a mode of withdrawal from alienating conditions of modernity. In spite of its egalitarian features, hygge acts as a vehicle for social control, establishes its own hierarchy of attitudes, and implies a negative stereotyping of social groups who are perceived as unable to create hygge. The idea of hygge as a trait of Scandinavian culture is developed in the course of the interpretation, and its limitations are also discussed against ethnographic evidence that comparable spatial and social dynamics unfold in other cultural contexts.

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Making the best of an inappropriate textbook

Using an ‘international edition’ to teach critical thinking and intercultural understanding

Kristina C. Marcellus

’ key cultural values and to norms related to respect and authority, and this should not be ignored. Finally, instead of learning about students’ opinions and objections to the text and how they saw the text material in relation to their own lives only

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Print Culture, Mobility, and The Pacific, 1920–1950

Victoria Kuttainen and Susann Liebich

became fixed. 4 While acknowledging that cultural value is always provisional and contingent, we find this attention, in middlebrow scholarship, to the intensive cultural shifts that informed international modernity in the first decades of the twentieth

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Building the Femorabilia Special Collection

Methodologies and Practicalities

Nickianne Moody

existing interests and attitudes. However, to make an appeal to a heterogeneous audience and to be meaningful to its readers it must deal with ambiguity and address contested cultural values. Its aim is to resolve tensions that result from the conflicting

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Gramsci in and beyond resistances

The search for an autonomous political initiative among a subaltern group in the Beninese savanna

Riccardo Ciavolella

and the material basis for subsistence and reproduction and is thus emblematic for economic autonomy. Cultural values associated with milk are likely to be clashing with its use as a commodity, while the ideal of self-reliance is likely to be clashing

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Joan Njagi

needs and lived realities effectively. Given the hierarchical nature of adult-child relations in conservative Kenyan society, where religious and cultural values that promote heteronormativity and gender inequality and deny the validity of girls

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Placing Wellbeing

Anthropological Perspectives on Wellbeing and Place

Emilia Ferraro and Juan Pablo Sarmiento Barletti

Measurement of Subjective Well-being ’, Journal of Economic Perspectives 20 , no. 1 : 3 – 24 . 10.1257/089533006776526030 Kasser , T. ( 2011 ), ‘ Cultural Values and the Well-being of Future Generations: A Cross-national Study ’, Journal of Cross

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Zooming in on COVID

The Intimacies of Screens, Homes and Learning Hierarchies

Adam Roth, Niroshnee Ranjan, Grace King, Shamim Homayun, Rebecca Hendershott, and Simone Dennis

the structurally, hierarchically distinct positions of ‘teacher’ and ‘learner’. Each experienced and encountered the institution from a particular structurally given position that enabled differential access to cultural values, practices, narratives

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Linda D’Amico

graphs. I compiled and synthesised results and we published those in a booklet ( CMI 2013 ) distributed among CMI members and parish and county officials. Survey results show that mutual respect, clean and abundant water are key cultural values linked to