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The making of terrorists

Anthropology and the alternative truth of America's 'War on Terror' in the Sahara

Jeremy Keenan

This article, based on almost eight years of continuous anthropological research amongst the Tuareg people of the Sahara and Sahel, suggests that the launch by the US and its main regional ally, Algeria, in 2002–2003 of a ‘new’, ‘second’, or ‘Saharan’ Front in the ‘War on Terror’ was largely a fabrication on the part of the US and Algerian military intelligence services. The ‘official truth’, embodied in an estimated 3,000 articles and reports of one sort or another, is largely disinformation. The article summarizes how and why this deception was effected and examines briefly its implications for both the region and its people as well as the future of US international relations and especially its global pursuance of an increasingly suspect ‘War on Terror’.

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Lauri Rapeli and Inga Saikkonen

democracies have not been tested by pandemics or similar events in the contemporary media landscape, where public opinion can be manipulated through effective spreading of disinformation. Indeed, many observers have characterized the COVID-19 crisis as also

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Jodi Dean

, unburied, unmourned. The failure of the federal government, the inadequate planning and preparation, the harsh reality of for-profit healthcare, the confusion and disinformation spreading out of the White House, the incapacity of the political establishment

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Latin America and COVID-19

Political Rights and Presidential Leadership to the Test

Brigitte Weiffen

coronavirus. The post of health minister subsequently remained vacant. Rather than seeking responses to the crisis, Bolsonaro politicized it, raising the radical tone and mobilizing his base. This included disinformation campaigns and the spread of fake news

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Perilous Navigation

Knowledge Making with and without Digital Practices during Irregularized Migration to Öresund

Nina Grønlykke Mollerup

information does not necessarily equal better information ( González Martínez 2008 ) is important to keep in mind and becomes increasingly relevant as information becomes easier to share. Gillespie et al. (2018) show that “disinformation (lies