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Graham Holderness

Edited by Bryan Loughrey

a wide range of fields and topics in literary and cultural studies. The current issue reflects the growing interest in Gothic Studies, featuring a group of essays on the innovative and influential TV series Penny Dreadful . Other essays included

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“Loving and Cruel, All at the Same Time”

Girlhood Identity in The Craft

Emily Chandler

this she cannot help but stand out as one of the only black students at the school. As the girls become closer, they begin to wear gothic-inspired clothing. Gothic subculture and its fashion was initially derived from nineteenth-century gothic

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Queering Virginity

From Unruly Girls to Effeminate Boys

Eftihia Mihelakis

of popular culture, especially those of the gothic or supernatural genres” (98). In their reading, the authors address the United States’s fetishization of young female sexual purity, and make the case that Jessica Jamby’s perpetual virginity

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Pippa Marland and Anna Stenning

-God: Gothic Ecology in Algernon Blackwood’s Pan’s Garden: A Volume of Nature Stories ’ (1912), the modernist Gothic imagination is seen as anticipating the tropes of ‘chaos ecology’ and modern understandings of a shifting natural world and ‘disturbed’ nature

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‘But No One Died’: A Brief Reflection on Place and Time

Edited by Christine McCourt

and selfies below the imposing gothic towers of the university. No one died. I shouldn’t be so sad, but looking up Renfrew Street at the fire engine still showering the building on a rainy Glasgow morning, I can’t tell whether what is rising is spray

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Jaro Stacul

: 41–42 ). Moreover, the Dutch and the Germans dominated in art and architecture, as shown by the Dutch-style buildings and brick Gothic churches, reconstructed after World War II, that line the main streets of the historical center (Główne Miasto

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Boris Maslov

republics, Holland, and Switzerland. Its eventual installation in Britain is imagined as a blending of the classical republican tradition with a native British (“Gothic”) democracy. The Pindaric archplot of order imposed on chaos is displaced onto natural

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Misreading Capital

The makings of Weber, Arendt, and Friedman

Dipankar Gupta

wonders far surpassing the Egyptian pyramids, Roman aqueducts and Gothic cathedrals; it has conducted expeditions that put in the shade all former Exoduses of nations and crusades. A little later, Marx lavished some more encomiums on the bourgeoisie