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Girl, Interrupted and Continued

Rethinking the Influence of Elena Fortún’s Celia

Ana Puchau de Lecea

context of the role of women and girls in society in the 1920s. The second section turns to the reaction of Franco’s censorship corps to these books and their underlying ideology and considers the reception among members of the next generation of writers

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Christianity and Sexuality

Girls and Women Forge New Paths

Sharon Woodill

conflict and resistance becomes a shield against critique of religious ideologies that are likely as influential, if not more so, in the construction of young women’s sexual experiences. Sharma’s study appears apologetic, and indeed she explicitly includes

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Erin Newcomb

, the film adaptations of those stories are subject to Disney’s anti-feminist ideology as well, epitomized by The Princess Diaries (2001) movie wherein “a strong, independent character, who values education and has goals of her own, here is reduced to

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Nirmala Erevelles

and social movements continue to accept “the ‘naturalness’ of conveying inferior and defective personhood to individuals with … physical and cognitive impairments” (xv). Enmeshed in such ideologies, social and educational policies (in India and

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Nirmala Erevelles and Xuan Thuy Nguyen

ideological practices that constitute the transnational at this historical juncture and in the … sites we ourselves occupy ( Alexander and Mohanty 2010: 24 ). We hope that the articles, through engaging with hierarchies of power in diverse contexts, have the

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Building the Femorabilia Special Collection

Methodologies and Practicalities

Nickianne Moody

Cousins 2011 ). The twentieth-century reading culture of girls and young women has also been seen to be negotiating ideologies about femininity, social mobility, national identity, and citizenship. However, despite its significance it is very much in

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Authenticity and Aspiration

Exploring the CBBC Television Tween

Sarah Godfrey

her ability to engage with” (9) this. There is, then, potential for ideological tensions between CBBC’s representational approach (as a public service broadcaster) to tween girls and the consumerist mores of postfeminist girlhood. Given that the BBC is

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Sami Schalk

toys, but expressions of US neoliberal and capitalist ideologies on display. Thus, though American Girl products represent girls only in the US, its distribution to girls around the world—encouraging them to literally buy (into) these ideologies

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The Girl in the Text

Representations, Positions, and Perspectives

Ann Smith

article called “Girl Power in Nervous Conditions : Fictional Practice as a Research Site,” I explored the idea that “seeing a literary text as a site of [educational] research” could lead to the “exploration of how the ideology of theory might intersect

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Queering Virginity

From Unruly Girls to Effeminate Boys

Eftihia Mihelakis

narrative of success/failure that pervades local and global ideologies and sensibilities. This book is therefore important for the field of Girlhood Studies precisely, but not solely, because of its profound and complex investigation into the traditional