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Yoram Peri and Paul L. Scham

their norms (such as gender separation) on non-Haredim. Cultural groups certainly have the right to maintain their lifestyles in their private space, perhaps even in some restricted public space, but they should not be allowed to change the character of

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Editors’ Note

Threats to Academic Freedom

’s military service as a process of social legitimation, by which even very strong norms can be eroded when appropriate pressure is exerted over time. Maoz Rosenthal brings us into highly theoretical political science terrain with his article on the

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“Hot Guys” in Tel Aviv

Pride Tourism in Israel

Amit Kama and Yael Ram

affluent and urban) gay men adopt heteronormative—and, by definition, patriarchal and national—values and norms, especially by establishing heteronormative families. Finally, opposition within the community also targets the carnivalesque character of the

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Sociology in the Garden

Beyond the Liberal Grammar of Contemporary Sociology

Nissim Mizrachi

). They could also promote what Taylor (1999) describes as ‘narrow agreements’ between groups regarding norms of behavior and policies that do not necessitate agreement regarding their justification, but only their outcomes. It may be superfluous to note

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Philippine Prison Marriages

The Politics of Kinship and Women's Composite Agency

Sif Lehman Jensen

conflict and precariousness that permeates their everyday lives. The prison marriages enable the women both to insert themselves in the city and to respond to norms and questions of morality, which are socially and politically embedded in the home

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ways. Issue 8(2) of Regions & Cohesion is a reminder that human rights need not be subsumed or diminished within the global development agenda. Human rights are more than legal norms and jurisprudence. Above all, they have traditionally been and

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Rethinking Resistance to Transitional Justice

Briony Jones and Thomas Brudholm

the way transitional justice is theorized ( Corradetti, Eisikovits, and Rotondi 2015 ; Hirsch 2012 ) and the way in which it is implemented and experienced in practice. Examples of such critiques include accusations of imposition of western norms that

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Harlan Koff and Carmen Maganda

political conditions foster cooperation ( Mumme, 2019 ), and what positive impacts regional cooperation can have on communities ( Deacon & Nita, 2013 ). The journal has also investigated the diffusion of sustainability norms through interregional cooperation

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Michael D. Jackson

of refugees to speak and act in worlds of their own making? If migrants often transgress moral norms and act outside the law, then we who seek to understand the migrant must reorient our own thinking, and acknowledge the extent to which life

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Eluding the Esculacho

A Masculinities Perspective on the Enduring Warrior Ethos of Rio de Janeiro's Police

Celina Myrann Sørbøe

concept as “the attitudes, values, and norms that are transmitted and shared among groups of individuals in an effort to collectively cope with the common problems and conditions members face.” In Brazil, the police are divided between a Civil and a