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Egalitarian Liberalism

What Are Its Possible Futures in South Africa?

David Bilchitz and Daryl Glaser

Liberalism is associated by many with the protection of private property and the insulation of economic markets from state intervention. Yet the liberal tradition is very diverse, and some have taken its concern with equality and liberty in radically egalitarian directions that belie the reduction of liberalism to market-fundamentalist ‘neoliberalism’.

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Call for Papers

Feminist Movements across the Board (A Critical Analysis)

Barbara Franchi, Natália S. Perez, and Giovanni A. Travaglino

Feminist movements have had a fundamental impact on social life in many different parts of the world. Reforms in marriage and private property laws, as well as change in spheres as diverse as sexual life, contraception, and the work-place have had profound consequences on the way we conceptualize, act and signify gender relations. Feminist thinkers and activists have also brought attention to the impact that the intersectionality of racism, heterosexism, poverty and religious intolerance (among many other factors) can have in people’s lives.

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The commons, property, and ownership

Suggestions for further discussion

Katharina Bodirsky

open access, public, or common goods into private property to be used for profit, it seems only natural to apply the notion of commoning to any reversal of the process—including the return to a more welfare-oriented state. This implies an antineoliberal

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Tübingen — Vienna — Münster

Introducing Elisabeth Timm

Elisabeth Timm

. Here I am continuing my research on historical and contemporary forms of family and kinship, recently as the principal investigator of the research association ‘The flow of things or private property? A house and its objects between family life

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American Quarantine

The Right to Housing in a Pandemic

Bonnie Honig

provided warning to a widow that she would soon be evicted, for the sake of a regime of patriarchal private property. These are not arcane legalities; we live in their afterlife as many people now face the threat of eviction and others the difficulties of

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After the commons—commoning!

Don Kalb

private property à la Marx, nor generalized horizontalism à la the anarchists, but it was a world where members of human communities enjoyed access to an array of common resources that were essential for their social survival. And they could claim such

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Reclaiming the lake

Citizenship and environment-as-common-property in highland Peru

Mattias Borg Rasmussen

development and poverty eradication are driven primarily by “modern technology, private property, large-scale capital, and a combination of both foreign direct and domestic investment” ( Bebbington and Humphreys Bebbington 2011: 135 ), the relationship between

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Daniel M. Knight

exceed established ideas of relatedness. During the austerity years, much has been written on collective uses of land, the appropriation and reuse of public and private property, health clinics, and resource-sharing projects (see, e.g., Cabot 2016

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Fascism as a style of life

Community life and violence in a neofascist movement in Italy

Maddalena Gretel Cammelli

state and its primary object. Private property, the fruit of labor and individual savings, and the integration of human personality must always be guaranteed by the state. Private property, however, must not become a disintegrator of the physical and

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Marxist morphologies

A materialist critique of brute materialities, flat infrastructures, fuzzy property, and complexified cities

Michał Murawski

spectacularly literal implementation of Marx and Engels’s highly illustrative phrase: “the theory of the communists can be summed up in one single sentence: the abolition of private property” 8 ([1848] 1968: 47). Marx and Engels’s phrase is both a theoretical