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Learning the Elsewhere of ‘Inner Space’

The Affective Pedagogy of Post-Secular Sufi Healing in Germany

Nasima Selim

afternoons that followed, under the Murshida's guidance, we practiced awareness of these different kinds of emotions, paying close attention to the processes of thinking, sensing, and feeling taking place in the innere Raum (inner space) of our material

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Suburban Dissent

Defining Neighborhood Space and Place in Perth, Western Australia

Jocelyn D. Avery

in the neighborhood. This suggests a history of suburban dissent and contested space—when a geographic location becomes a site of conflict over power and resources ( Low and Lawrence-Zúñiga 2003b: 18–19 ). To answer the question and understand its

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Rematerializing Martyrs and the Missing Soldiers of the Iran-Iraq War

Sana Chavoshian

particular gravestone in Behesht-e Zahra, which visitors claim releases a “heavenly fragrance” and provokes saintly dreams, I explore how an intermediary space arises where the engagement with the materiality of the grave actualizes an intimacy with the

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Amy Binning

to proliferate ‘traditional’ forms, but rather represents a critical site of coming to know the future and rendering it actionable. The temporal and topographical ruptures that TNMC's sacred objects address create spaces where the fertile, imaginative

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The Elsewhere beyond Religious Concerns

Annalisa Butticci and Amira Mittermaier

, disrupted by, and enlarged through those elusive Other spaces. We are interested in what forms and shapes those Other spaces take, and in their ontological, epistemological, social, and political effects. Access to, and from, the Elsewhere, is central to

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Elsewhere Affects and the Politics of Engagement across Religious Life-Worlds

Omar Kasmani, Nasima Selim, Hansjörg Dilger, and Dominik Mattes

wishes, salutations, bouts of excitement, prayers and religious proclamations are all affective volumes that rise in place, move through space, and land elsewhere. In capturing what survives through physical separation, Dreyfus captures for us a bracketed

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Weapons for Witnessing

American Street Preaching and the Rhythms of War

Kyle Byron

infrastructures as “built forms around which publics thicken.” Because of this association between roads and publics, streets are often implicitly coded and explicitly regulated as secular spaces, designed for the circulation of bodies and capital, not the

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An Ethics of Response

Protestant Christians’ Relation with God and Elsewheres

Ingie Hovland

the dreamers’ relation to Elsewhere. Elsewhere stands in a continuum with the here and now, but is associated with God, the prophetic realm, saints, or a thin in-between space ( barzakh ). While Mittermaier uses a range of terms to describe this

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Julián Antonio Moraga Riquelme, Leslie E. Sponsel, Katrien Pype, Diana Riboli, Ellen Lewin, Marina Pignatelli, Katherine Swancutt, Alejandra Carreño Calderón, Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, Sergio González Varela, Eugenia Roussou, Juan Javier Rivera Andía, Miho Ishii, Markus Balkenhol, and Marcelo González Gálvez

, $35.00. ISBN 9780226494906. The Neighborhood of Gods by William Elison is probably one of the best scholarly books ever written on Indian urban spaces. In this thoughtful study, the author invites, but also teaches, the reader to look at and

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Politicizing Elsewhere(s)

Negotiating Representations of Neo-Pentecostal Aesthetic Practice in Berlin

Dominik Mattes

particularly relevant in light of the obstacles minority religious traditions face in establishing and sustaining their visible presence in a highly contested urban space in both material and political terms ( Becci et al. 2017 ; Knott et al. 2016