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Mobility Studies, a Transdisciplinary Field

Dagmar Schäfer

Clapperton suggests for Africa is equally true for Asia, Eastern Europe, or South and Latin America and Australia—in fact, any region underrepresented in mainstream scholarship. Historical narratives of China, for instance, assume a shift from stagnation

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Precarious Connections: On the Promise and Menace of Railroad Projects

Peter Schweitzer and Olga Povoroznyuk

, have shown. Moreover, the material and political lives of infrastructure projects often undermine narratives of progress, equality, and well-being, revealing or discriminating relations between people, things, and institutions that govern, build, or

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Judith A. Nicholson and Mimi Sheller

accompanied by different narratives about race. Cresswell’s concept of “black moves” offers a new lens for bringing into focus how race makes mobilities, and mobilities make race. This piece connects directly to Sarah Sharma and Armond R. Towns’s “Ceasing Fire

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Place Making in Transit

Literary Interventions at the Airport and in the Underground

Emma Eldelin and Andreas Nyblom

activate various transit spaces in literary texts to reflect on the conditions for writing in a globalized world, or they explore the narrative potentials of transit space. Rana Dasgupta, for example, in Tokyo Cancelled , creates a global-age Decameron

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State of Uncertainty

Educating the First Railroaders in Central Sakha (Yakutiya)

Sigrid Irene Wentzel

I spent time in the college in 2015 and asked them about their motivation for studying there. They usually said the railroad was perspektivno (promising) and repeated the promise-narrative of development, modernization, and the career opportunities

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Weiqiang Lin

:// . 4 Weiqiang Lin, “Aeromobilities’ Underbelly Revealed in COVID-19 Crisis,” Compas , 2 April 2020, . 5 Nathalie Roseau, “Airports as Urban Narratives

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“Text-as-Means” versus “Text-as-End-in-Itself”

Some Reasons Why Literary Scholars Have Been Slow to Hop on the Mobilities Bus

Lynne Pearce

reflexivity or honesty. Indeed, it is often the incidental information in which textual narrative is embedded that reveals the most about the situation or practice under investigation. In addition, and as noted above, textual materials typically locate an

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Pandemic Drones

Promises and Perils

Julia M. Hildebrand and Stephanie Sodero

celebration. In Wuhan and Philadelphia, drone formations illuminated the night sky in a narrative aerial dance to honor healthcare workers, and in the case of Wuhan, celebrate easing of restrictions. 34 The spectacles were similar in their presentation of

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(Re)Constructing the Baikal-Amur Mainline

Continuity and Change of (Post)Socialist Infrastructure

Olga Povoroznyuk

and played out. For example, nostalgia, mistrust, fear, and anger juxtaposed with joy, pride, enthusiasm, and hope have been leitmotifs of postsocialist memory narratives and the politics of emotions in Eastern Europe. 23 The term postsocialist