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The Egalitarian King?

Abdullah Öcalan and His Evolving Role in the Kurdish Freedom Movement

Axel Rudi

miles away, is celebrated as the driving force in the victory over ISIS in a self-declared egalitarian movement, and why is the credit for the triumph dedicated to him? How is it that Abdullah Öcalan became the international leader of the Kurdish

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Crypto-Egalitarian Life

Ideational and Materialist Approaches to Bitcoin

Matan Shapiro

research in a Bitcoin social club in Tel Aviv, I use the theoretical lens of egalitarian life to contemplate on the processual rather than binary nature of these two forms of practice. I argue that traders and maximalists engage in complementary rather than

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An Introduction to Egalitarian Thought and Dynamics

Knut Rio, Bruce Kapferer, and Bjørn Enge Bertelsen

The articles in this special issue address contemporary egalitarian or egalitarianizing dynamics, in other words, practices that explicitly attempt to challenge and overcome socio-economic and political circumstances that place constraints and

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Labor System Experimentation in Egalitarian Intentional Communities

Mari Hanssen Korsbrekke

In rural Virginia in the United States, a hub of interconnected ‘intentional communities’ (ICs) is making great strides toward egalitarian experimentations. While they come in many forms, shapes, and sizes, ICs are commonly designed around

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Egalitarian Lives and Violence

Community Policing in Mozambique

Bjørn Enge Bertelsen

hand, and aspirations for a more ‘egalitarian life’ on the other. Let me comment first on state ordering and then on the notion of egalitarian life. Das and Poole (2004: 5) have argued that much anthropological analysis of state ordering is often

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Fracking and Democracy in the United Kingdom

The Dark Side of Egalitarianism

Anna Szolucha

egalitarian impulses that are simultaneously imbued with grand ideals of equality and justice and driven by bitter experiences of hostility and wrong. Wherever I went, the extent of social, political, and personal transformation that shale gas exploration and

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Model Citizens in Bangladesh

The Joggo Nari and the Paradoxes of Egalitarian Life

Mohammad Tareq Hasan

than men—would lead to a more prosperous socio-political order for all. The governmental and non-governmental drives toward development are thus laden with egalitarian aspirations, aiming to establish, for instance, a new gendered order by engaging

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Egalitarian Liberalism

What Are Its Possible Futures in South Africa?

David Bilchitz and Daryl Glaser

Liberalism is associated by many with the protection of private property and the insulation of economic markets from state intervention. Yet the liberal tradition is very diverse, and some have taken its concern with equality and liberty in radically egalitarian directions that belie the reduction of liberalism to market-fundamentalist ‘neoliberalism’.

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Welfare Frontiers? Resource Practices in the Nordic Arctic Anthropocene

Frida Hastrup and Marianne Elisabeth Lien

we probe in this thematic section. The Nordic Arctic region is a site of significant resource extraction and production, but resource practices in the region pose particular questions: how do national commitments to notions of commons, egalitarianism

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Commons, Associations, and Possibilities of Egalitarian Life in Paris, France

Knut Rio

especially targeted by egalitarian claims—to freedom of movement, equal access, and participant involvement. But it is perhaps overlooked in these accounts that the commons are, by their very definition, special places and exceptions in the organization of