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Ethnographic witnessing

Or, hope is the first anthropological emotion

Carole McGranahan

, imprisonment and torture for who knows how long. Therefore I request the government of the United States to please kindly consider my application for political asylum and help me achieve my dream of seeing Tibet free one day. I am already very old, but I am

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The Doll “InbeTween”

Online Doll Videos and the Intertextuality of Tween Girl Culture

Jessica E. Johnston

negotiating the stability and pleasures of their youth with the exciting potential of their early adult years. For instance, basilmentos and Rockstar13studios have discussed their filmmaking dreams with their followers. The former, now in college, has credited

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Building the Femorabilia Special Collection

Methodologies and Practicalities

Nickianne Moody

readers. Specifically, in relation to comics, the work of McRobbie (1978) and Walkerdine (1984) examines how publications for girls and young women address those areas of girls’ lives where dreams, hopes, ambitions, fears, and desires are formed. The

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Marcos Farias Ferreira, Máiréad Nic Craith, Markéta Slavková, Linda M. Mülli, Mariann Vaczi, Annika Lems, and Işıl Karataş

by women (135), the evil eye exorcisms, coffee cup readings, and dream interpretations (Part IV) are understood against the medicalization of the pain and elaborated as transformative sensory acts against the hegemony of western ocularcentrism. The

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Narratives of Ambivalence

The Ethics of Vulnerability and Agency in Research with Girls in the Sex Trade

Alexandra Ricard-Guay and Myriam Denov

put you the idea in your head that women have to be beautiful, she has to be attractive, she must be perfect. … . You know, it was like a dream life [the sex trade]. I always had problems conforming to rules, at school, at home, with curfews. So, for

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Holding Up Half the Sky

Global Narratives of Girls at Risk and Celebrity Philanthropy

Angharad Valdivia

daughters. In Vietnam we encounter a supportive set of parents and an abusive father whom we are led to suspect of molestation. Girls have dreams of further education—accountancy or law—or business prospects. Mostly, girls want to stay safe in school, a

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“Loving and Cruel, All at the Same Time”

Girlhood Identity in The Craft

Emily Chandler

. 2006 . Teen Dreams: Reading Teen Film and Television from ‘Heathers’ to ‘Veronica Mars’ . London : I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd . 10.5040/9780755695683 Leblanc , Lauraine . 1999 . Pretty in Punk: Girls’ Gender Resistance in a Boys’ Subculture . New

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David Lempert

]) says that Obama’s childhood dream was to become ‘Prime Minister of Indonesia’ when he grew up (82). One can empathise with 10-year-old Barry, as he was called as a child. He had black skin in an Asian country, and he studied in a school with the

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Engaging Anthropological Legacies toward Cosmo-optimistic Futures?

Sharon Macdonald, Henrietta Lidchi, and Margareta von Oswald

practice may well not live up to the dreams. In our conference panel title, as eagle-eyed readers may have noted, we used the term “cosmo-optimal” rather than “cosmo-optimistic.” The former was part of our hope to attract case studies of especially

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Mercedes González de la Rocha and Agustín Escobar Latapí

begin to attend university, the amount of the grant is the equivalent of US$90 per month). Martina’s siblings left school before they could even dream of attending twelfth grade; the household economy made this imperative. Although one of her sisters got