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Home and Away

Place Appreciation and Purposeful Relocation in Later Life

Neil Thin

. Cresswell , T. ( 2010 ), ‘ Mobilities I: Catching Up ’, Progress in Human Geography 35 , no. 4 : 550 – 58 . 10.1177/0309132510383348 Day , C. ( 2002 ), Spirit and Place: Healing Our Environment ( London : Architectural Press ). de Botton , A

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Sanctuary in Countries of Origin

A Transnational Perspective

Alexandra Délano Alonso

Loredo and Jill Anderson, co-founders of ODA, refer to Poch@ House as a sanctuary, a safe space, a space of healing and care that recognizes their communities’ multiple identities, languages, and struggles. On its website, 2 the organization describes

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Committee as Witness

Ethics Review as a Technology of Collective Attestation

Rachel Douglas-Jones

experimental spaces, research funds and publication venues. While medical ethics has long histories in a vast array of healing traditions, the making of documents concerned with experimental research has a history spanning the last decades of the twentieth

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Victor Igreja

Global Policies and Human Rights ( London : Whurr Publishers ), 166 – 96 . Igreja , V. ( 2009 ), ‘The Politics of Peace, Justice and Healing in Post-war Mozambique’ , in C. Sriram and S. Pillay (eds.), Peace versus Justice? The Dilemma of

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Fieldwork at sunset

Visual representations of anthropology online

Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins and Hannah Gould

congregations but rather dramatic Pentecostal healings, and processions of hooded penitents. These exotically performing peoples dance and trance out of “our” place and—as we shall shortly argue—out of “our” time. 4 Our argument is not against the

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Greagh Smith, Conal McCarthy, Bronwyn Labrum, Ken Arnold, Dominique Poulot, Jill Haley, Jun Wei, and Safua Akeli Amaama

curatorial lenses and “comes closer to the original meaning of the word curare (to heal): the wounds of history, memories of the leprosarium, and the moai , the giant stone figures, who are not dead but can be seen as patients who are alive and in need of

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On the Touch-Event

Theopolitical Encounters

Valentina Napolitano

tactile, digital encounter (a movement) and a condition for its apprehension (a code). Anthropologists and historians have written at some length about touch—chief touch, royal touch, papal touch, ritual and healing touch—and the connection between the

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Documenting Sea Change

Ocean Data Technologies, Sciences, and Governance

Kathleen M. Sullivan

Marine Mammal Protection Act, and the 1976 Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. 2 Two examples are the Beach Report Card (2020) , which is part of Heal the Bay's work, and the Ocean Health Index (2020) . Thanks to Marisa Nixon and

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Prelude to a Grid

Energy, Gender and Labour on an Electric Frontier

Kristin D. Phillips

.1016/j.enpol.2013.01.007 Parikh , J. 2000 . ‘ Gender and Health Considerations for Petroleum Product Policy in India ’. Energia News 3 ( 2 ): 11 – 13 . Phillips , K. D. 2009 . ‘ Hunger, Healing, and Citizenship in Central Tanzania

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Death of a Statesman – Birth of a Martyr

Martyrdom and Memorials in Post–Civil War Lebanon

Are John Knudsen

buildings adjoin a larger plot of land, appropriately named the Garden of Forgiveness, which aims to aid the ‘process of post-war reconciliation and healing by providing an inclusive, multi-confessional space open to all’ (Solidere n.d.). Nonetheless, the al