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Democracy in a Global Emergency

Five Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Afsoun Afsahi, Emily Beausoleil, Rikki Dean, Selen A. Ercan, and Jean-Paul Gagnon

( Lürhmann et al. 2020 ). Neither has civil society lost its voice—the starkest example being the mass anti-racism protests that followed the killing of George Floyd in the US (as documented by Dean, this issue). It is in places where democracy was already

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The Permeable Olympic Fortress

Mega-Event Security as Camouflage in Rio de Janeiro

Dennis Pauschinger

of a more global and public discussion about racist police brutality and shone a light on the pervasiveness of racism in organizational structures of police forces. The highlighting of such institutional racism by civil society has raised calls for

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The Power of Silence

Sonic Experiences of Police Operations and Occupations in Rio de Janeiro's Favelas

Sterre Gilsing

, naturalized and then policed as either ‘black’ or ‘white’ … ‘whiteness’ appears inaudible, undetectable as anything other than a sounded marker of normalcy” ( 2018: 119 ). Although the history and social reality of race and racism in the United States and

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Shelling from the ivory tower

Project Camelot and the post–World War II operationalization of social science

Philip Y. Kao

account of anthropologists and their World War II efforts. While Margaret Mead helped reshape American dietary habits, Benedict and Gene Weltfish fought racism within the US Army by distributing informational pamphlets. The Office of War Information also

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Marxian anthropology resurgent

Patrick Neveling and Luisa Steur

. 2018 . “ Class without production, history without materialism, and US politics without racism ”. Dialectical Anthropology 42 ( 1 ): 17 – 23 . 10.1007/s10624-018-9490-0 Banaji , Jairus . 1977 . “Modes of production in a materialist conception of

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The Evolution of 20 Years of Social Quality Thinking

-un-high-commissioner-refugees-filippo-grandi-world-refugee-day.html . Greer , M. , T. de Fockert , L. Marsman , C. de Breij , Akwasi, E. Corton , J. van de Bergh , et al. 2018 . “ Oproep: Politici, stop met het inspelen op xenofobie en racisme ” [Call: Politicians, stop responding to xenophobia and racism

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Neutrality in foreign aid

Shifting contexts, shifting meanings—examples from South Sudan

Elżbieta Drążkiewicz

informed by the logic of culture clashes ( Huntington 1997 ). Expatriates operated according to the assumption that cultural differences are both natural and unavoidable. Ankie Hoogvelt, who unpacks notions of “the new barbarism” and “the new racism” with

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Racialized Governance

The Production and Destruction of Secure Spaces in Olympic Rio de Janeiro

Margit Ystanes and Alexandre Magalhães

)—a specifically Brazilian mode of urban displacement especially attuned to colonialist legacies of racism and class stigma (2019: 126). This approach echoes scholars such as Ananaya Roy and Aihwa Ong (2011) , Asher Ghertner, and Christopher Gaffney

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The temporality of illegality

Experiences of undocumented Latin American migrants in London

Ana Gutiérrez Garza

exploitation, racism, and the enjoyment of basic human rights. For people who live their lives under the weight and limitations of an undocumented status, the present becomes a continuous challenge and the future becomes just an illusion that is difficult to

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The sanctioning state

Official permissiveness and prohibition in India

Ajay Gandhi

, racism against Africans must be acknowledged as a prevalent but perhaps not structuring factor in their interface with authorities. Rather than implying a causal or functional relationship between discretion (as in the latitude to exercise one