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Degrees of Permeability

Confinement, Power and Resistance in Freetown's Central Prison

Luisa T. Schneider

Sites of confinement – sites of academic interest Questions regarding the logics of punishment and confinement have long inspired academic work because they serve as microcosms for a society's composition and disposition. Friedrich Nietzsche

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Left Behind by COVID-19

Experiences of “Left-Behind” Girls in Rural China

Jue Wang

adjustment for many families, but for some girls in the rural part of China where I conducted my fieldwork, these online education changes that came with the pandemic aggravated pre-existing patterns of physical punishment of girls, which reflect gendered

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Gender and Empire

The Imprisonment of Women in Eighteenth-Century Siberia

Gwyn Bourlakov

women was not an anomaly, but rather a set of regular measures to counter political opposition of the elite through corporal punishment. Notable elite women, such as Ekaterina Dolgorukaia, Peter II's fiancée, also accompanied their noble families in

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Representing Sanctuary

On Flatness and Aki Kaurismäki's Le Havre

Vinh Nguyen

, campaign to keep the refugee away from law enforcement seeking to capture and deport him. This telling scene dramatizes the mundane beginnings of sanctuary, which starts with an individual requiring protection from the law's punishment and another

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Carceral Entrapments

Views from the Prison/Street Interface in India

Mahuya Bandyopadhyay

involves the spectacle of violence. To put this another way, torture and punishment through bodily harm become public acts. These facets of the culture of incarceration depend on an inherently chaotic everyday life. A focus on chaos has the potential to

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History, Violence, and Steven Pinker

Mark S. Micale and Philip Dwyer

several thousand years, and particularly since the eighteenth century, homicides, criminal assaults, war casualties, domestic violence, child abuse, animal abuse, capital punishment, lynching, and rape have all been steadily diminishing in frequency. This

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Inside Out

Embodying Prison Boundaries

Manuela Ivone Cunha

in rationalities, governmentality and punishment policies have filtered down to the level of prison regimes. The institutional porosity in terms of modes of provision, regulation and scrutiny has long been acknowledged in the light of macro- or meso

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Comics and Transnational Exchanges

Lawrence Grove, Anne Magnussen, and Ann Miller

Dante's Inferno , with inmates led into the hell of the camp as punishment for the sin of being Jewish. Sean McPhail considers Anike Hage's 2013 manga adaptation of Gudrun Pausewang's novel Die Wolke [ Fall-Out ], published in 1987, the year after

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Roxanne Harde

action meant to challenge rape culture and the impact that this action has had on them. In “Sexual Abuse of Girls in Post-Revolutionary Mexico: Between Legitimation and Punishment,” Susana Sosenski draws from archived legal records and newspapers to

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Nirmala Erevelles

be married off and, as a result, are perceived as representing a fate worse than death (140). Within this same religious-cultural milieu, langri (crippled) daughters are seen as a punishment from God because they are now considered unmarriageable