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Roxanne Harde

action meant to challenge rape culture and the impact that this action has had on them. In “Sexual Abuse of Girls in Post-Revolutionary Mexico: Between Legitimation and Punishment,” Susana Sosenski draws from archived legal records and newspapers to

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Pierre Makhlouf

advantage of the UK and deserve detention, deportation and effective permanent punishment through their exclusion from the UK and from Europe. As Theresa May said when arguing in support of the creation of a ‘hostile environment’ for migrants, ‘What we don

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Connecting and Disconnecting

Exploring Prisoners’ Relations with the Outside World in Myanmar

Andrew M. Jefferson and Tomas Max Martin

also a third and darker approach to prisoners’ contact with the outside world, namely the punitive and authoritarian approach of actively depriving people of contact, of holding prisoners incommunicado or in so-called black sites as a form of punishment

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Admiel Kosman

accepted upon himself [to impose on himself his punishment] by force of repentance [since he wanted to repent for his sin, by] the law of the four court-imposed death penalties [the halakhah prescribes four forms of capital punishment for certain crimes

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Doing bizness

Migrant smuggling and everyday life in the Maghreb

Line Richter

Migrant smuggling is a highly profitable business in which criminals enjoy a low risk of detection and punishment. As a result, the crime is becoming increasingly attractive to criminals. Migrant smugglers are becoming more and more organized

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In Memoriam

W. S. F. Pickering

William Watts Miller

(1999) on Durkheim and Foucault on education and punishment, and by Sondra Hausner (2013) on The Elementary Forms , as well as three collections edited by Bill himself, one of which ( Pickering 2000a ) provided an invaluable analytical focus on the

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Attitude or Age

Girlhood in Renaissance England

Reina Green

helplessness and innocence. Nice Wanton (c. 1550), in which two children refuse to go to school, reveals that even when boys and girls engage in the same behaviors, their punishments are gendered, with the girl Dalila becoming a prostitute and dying of

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Cross-Generational Abuse

Priests, Parishioners, and the Catholic Church in New Spain

Zeb Tortorici

across the centuries in shielding priests from public scandal, exposure, secular justice, and/or harsh inquisitorial punishment for their transgressions. The plurality of these uses of generationality allows me to move beyond the usual associations of

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Mise en abyme

Laurence Grove, Anne Magnussen, and Ann Miller

terrible punishment at the hands of his hierarchical superiors in the university who refuse to see Ribera as other than a devout catholic. Osvaldo seeks lost works by Ribera depicting mythological scenes (two out of the four ‘Furies’), but the boundaries of

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The Urban and the Carceral

Steffen Jensen

Social Art of the Hustler in the American Ghetto ’, in Bourdieu et al. (eds), The Weight of the World . Polity Press , New York . Wacquant , L. 2001 . ‘ Deadly Symbiosis: When Ghetto and Prison Meet and Mesh ’. Punishment & Society 3 ( 1