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Reclaiming the streets

Black urban insurgency and antisocial security in twenty-first-century Philadelphia

Jeff Maskovsky

” policing and steeper punishments for unruly teens. Kenney succeeded Nutter as mayor of Philadelphia in 2016. I begin with this example of a moral panic over African American teen “flash mobs” to open a discussion of race, insurgent politics, and

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Christian Bromberger

scolded one of their children, would threaten to send him to Irak (Arâq) where he would suffer the odious punishment of having to eat bread (quoted by ibid. 1910: 140). Figure 1 : Meal in Gilân. Rice, here polo for a reception, is accompanied with

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Becoming Communist

Ideals, Dreams, and Nightmares

Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild

/or as social outcasts, punished because of guilt by association to their disgraced husbands. She documents the harsh conditions in the camps, the forced labor, the vile food, the dehumanization, the “ritualized sexual humiliation and punishment used to

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Consistent inconsistency

New reflections on migrants, the state, and the contingencies of law

Georgina Ramsay

4), time as a strategy of both opportunity and punishment (chapter 5) and the constant deflection of responsibility that the complexity of the migration regime, with its many actors, enables (chapter 6). This structure guides the reader towards a

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Hollis Moore

decentring of men and masculinized institutions throws alternative imaginaries into relief, yielding insights that suggest crime and punishment ought not to be conceptualized apart from the family and from care. Extralegal normativity Extralegal

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Solicitor Brown and His Boy

Love, Sex, and Scandal in Twentieth-Century Ireland

Averill Earls

twenty-one. Consistently juries recommended “mercy on account of youth” for juvenile-adult sex offenders, and, conversely, judges regularly meted out the harshest possible punishment for adult offenders who involved themselves with those who were under

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A Timeless Measure of Who We Are?

Elena Isayev

. The story foreshadows their punishment to come, and the favors which Athena will grant to Telemachus and his father. Composed around the same period, the infamous biblical story of Sodom recounts how Lot alone welcomed the strangers into his home

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“China gives and China takes”

African traders and the nondocumenting states

Shanshan Lan

legislation in China concerning the administration of foreigners. Designed to specifically target sanfei foreigners in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) area, the Guangdong Act promotes a reward and punishment scheme by encouraging ordinary Chinese civilians to

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Ben-Gurion and the Palestinian Refugees

Ideology, Morality, and Praxis

Yossi Goldstein

to neighboring Arab states eased this gradual conquest (BGD, 20, 22 January, 10 February, 10 March 1948). Ben-Gurion regarded this as part and parcel of the war and as just punishment for seeking to eradicate the Yishuv (BGD, 20, 22 January 1948

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Masculinity on Stage

Dueling in the Greek Capital, 1870–1918

Dimitra Vassiliadou

“small people” were not allowed to engage in the practice at all, since they were altogether without honor. 36 Dueling (and the lack of punishment for such) was a privilege of class that other “less worthy” and “dishonorable” classes did not possess. It