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“A Refugee Pastor in a Refugee Church”

Refugee-Refugee Hosting in a Faith-Based Context

Karen Lauterbach

and the divine influence of the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus Christ in their everyday lives. Moreover, the role of charismatic gifts (such as healing, prophesizing, and speaking in tongues) is of great importance as is knowledge of the word of God. As

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Anthropological Knowledge and Practice in Global Health

Rodney Reynolds and Isabelle L. Lange

institutions within the community led to the disintegration of systematised healing and curing as locally practised. As a direct result, secrecy proliferated amongst healers about the methods and treatments they employed. The people who had relied on community

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Doing Ritual While Thinking about It?

Emma Gobin

. Body/Meaning/Healing . New York : Palgrave Macmillan . 10.1007/978-1-137-08286-2 Gobin , Emma . 2012 . “ Un complexe sacerdotal cubain: Les santeros, les babalaos et la réflexivité critique” [A Cuban priesthood complex: Santeros, babalaos, and

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A Visitor's Guide to Shamans and Shamanism

The Kunstkamera's Russian and Asian Ethnographic Collections in the Late Imperial Era

Marisa Karyl Franz

culture of shamanism, the anonymous author continued, turning to an explanation of the Gilyak traditional practices of making shamanic “idols” in the form of human figures cut from trees for the purposes of healing different ailments. 19 In these shamanic

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Overlapping Time and Place

Early Modern England’s Girlhood Discourse and Indigenous Girlhood in the Dominion of Canada (1684-1860)

Haidee Smith Lefebvre

:// (accessed 17 April 2016 ). Rice , Brian , and Anna Snyder . 2008 . “ Reconciliation in the Context of a Settler Society: Healing the Legacy of Colonialism in Canada .” Pp. 43 – 61 in From Truth to Reconciliation

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Afsaneh Hojabri

scent of pine in December. … War, revolution, sanctions, jihad, fanaticism, will all take turns ripping a country apart, but Noruz prevails no matter where you're washed ashore, as do the food, the song, the poetry, and the art that heal any torn

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Rematerializing Martyrs and the Missing Soldiers of the Iran-Iraq War

Sana Chavoshian

's domestic prayer circles. The girl devoted this act specifically to Martyr Polarak's saintly soul. However, what distinguished her sweets from broader practices of nadhr was, in her own words, “the lasting effect of their perfume” on the body. “They heal

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Marcos Farias Ferreira, Máiréad Nic Craith, Markéta Slavková, Linda M. Mülli, Mariann Vaczi, Annika Lems, and Işıl Karataş

accessible to the poor (in comparison to biomedicine). One of the most important of Jašarević's interlocutors is a healer, known as Queen, who can be found only via the market on recommendation or alternatively on social networks (see Introduction, 1–52, and

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Thebes Troutman as Traveling Tween

Revising the Family Story

Margaret Steffler

[sticks] a Sharpie through it Pebbles Flintstone-style” (164), making Anne Shirley’s green hair extremely tame by comparison. Along with the search for Cherkis in elusive and evolving locations in the United States, the road trip indirectly seeks healing

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Rikke Sand Andersen, Mark Nichter, and Mette Bech Risør

illustrate how living in the aftermath of a cancer disease is modified and managed by engagement with what they call familiar landscapes. By conducting old routines in familiar landscapes, the participants experience a significant sense of healing which helps