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Heidi Hakkarainen

after the revolution can also be seen in another issue that was covered in the press. In 1848–49, humanism was discussed on several occasions in debates on corporal punishment and death penalty ignited after the Frankfurt Parliament abolished it in

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Perfect Love in a Better World

Same-Sex Attraction between Girls

Wendy L. Rouse

. Identifying inversion as a condition existing prior to birth suggested that inverts did not have a choice over their behavior. Krafft-Ebing eventually concluded that homosexuality should not be viewed as criminal behavior requiring punishment but as a disease

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Confinement Beyond Site: Connecting Urban and Prison Ethnographies

Julienne Weegels, Andrew M. Jefferson, and Tomas Max Martin

.1177/1474885111406386 . 10.1177/1474885111406386 Clemmer , D. 1940 . The Prison Community . Boston, MA : Christopher Publishing House . Crewe , B. 2011 . ‘ Depth, Weight, Tightness: Revisiting the Pains of Imprisonment ’. Punishment & Society 13 ( 5

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Quarantine and Its Malcontents

How Liberians Responded to the Ebola Epidemic Containment Measures

Umberto Pellecchia

circulation of the word contributed to frame the control of the epidemic as a form of fight against an enemy – a war – where quarantine was a form of punishment or jail. The words used by West Point’s residents mirror the general dismay present in all research

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War Veterans and the Construction of Citizenship Categories

Nikkie Wiegink, Ralph Sprenkels, and Birgitte Refslund Sørensen

worthy of punishment or exclusion) ( Malaquias 2007 ; Rueda and Vázquez 2015 ), be pitied and stigmatized as disabled victims ( Gerber 2012 ), or something in between ( Banégas 2012 ; Wiegink 2013 ). Which depictions of war veterans gain more societal

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The Generative Power of Political Emotions

Mette-Louise Johansen, Therese Sandrup, and Nerina Weiss

is almost solely described as an experience triggered by a critical event, deviant actor, or transgression of values and rights, and subsequently directed toward the transgressor or those held responsible for the transgressor’s punishment ( Goodenough

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Constructing the Not-So-New Normal

Ambiguity and Familiarity in Governmental Regulations of Intimacies during the Pandemic

Dmitry Kurnosov and Anna Varfolomeeva

’, Psychology Today 13 , . McCorkel , J. ( 2003 ), ‘ Embodied Surveillance and the Gendering of Punishment ’, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 32 , no. 1 : 41

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Anne Magnussen

countries and the United States in this period, but the possibilities of control and punishment during a dictatorship set the Spanish comics market apart. It is clear from McGlade’s analysis that the big publishing houses practised self-censorship to a

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Narmala Halstead

the law's silence and omissions – and different from the ‘horrifying spectacle’ of public punishments before such practices were phased out by the early nineteenth century ( Foucault 1995: 7–14 ). The approaches to COVID-19 might also be considered

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successful, homosexual, revered, an artist—and yet there he labors under that same pathology: my own suffering will transmogrify me, I can enter the pantheon through my own will and self-punishment. That's what drew me to Mishima. The same kind of pathology