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Adeel Hamza and John Gannon

in its totality, to the range and significance of Jewish philosophy vis-à-vis both Christian and Muslim cultures. Whether it was Philo in late antiquity or Ibn Gabirol in the Middle Ages, Jewish thinkers are seen as seminal to the thought of many

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Tübingen — Vienna — Münster

Introducing Elisabeth Timm

Elisabeth Timm

approaches from the history and philosophy of science, as well as by the effort to re-situate classical folklore collections from the broad history of the anthropological disciplines between museums, universities and amateur enthusiasm since the late

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Jessica Prioletta

’ access to the different spaces of the classroom play environment. The data shows that liberal notions of equality worked to perpetuate Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s and Plato’s historical philosophies of education and gender. Drawing on Jane Roland Martin

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Jaap Westbroek, Harry Nijhuis, and Laurent van der Maesen

make philosophy a kind of universal mathematics, a science in which everything is derived from simple basic concepts through rigorous deduction” (Störig 1959: 4.2). In this way, philosophy and physics merged. Today, the description of reality in

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Katrin Röder and Christoph Singer

limited to their repressive function. They represent an aesthetic mode and have formative effects, constituting and shaping forms of life, bodies, selves, philosophies of government, but also verbal texts and works of visual and musical art. 24 Stephen

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Indigenous Resurgence, Decolonization, and Movements for Environmental Justice

Jaskiran Dhillon

,” by Deborah McGregor. The article explores the potential for advancing environmental justice (EJ) theory and practice by engaging with Indigenous intellectual traditions. In particular, McGregor highlights the reemergence of the philosophy referred to

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More Than Just a Simple Refrain?

The Figure of the Girl in International Cinema

Elspeth Mitchell

divided, make this clear with, for example, titles like “Philosophies of Girlhood in Film” and “Sonic Youth: Girlhood, Music and Identity” that guide the reader into different areas of concern. Different perspectives are also offered on what constitutes

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John Ireland and Constance Mui

Graham Wilson argues that it is beyond the scope of analytic philosophy to account for phenomenological experiences of nothingness, captured by Sartre in the celebrated example of Pierre’s absence at the café. Wilson rejects the analytic assumption that

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John Gillespie and Katherine Morris

books reviewed: most obviously, William L. Remley's Jean-Paul Sartre's Anarchist Philosophy (which our reviewer Nik Farrell Fox admires while regretting Remley's ‘regressive’ approach) and William Rowlandson's Sartre in Cuba – Cuba in Sartre (which

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Peter Merriman

of scholars and practitioners working across the arts and humanities, whether in history, cultural and historical geography, literary and cultural studies, performance studies, archaeology, philosophy, film studies, or art and design. 2 Since its