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After the commons—commoning!

Don Kalb

itself as Nonini’s “accessible for all.” It will only be accessible for the deserving members of national stock, with all the relevant hierarchical distinctions, while identified others are singled out for various punishments. But this right-wing commons

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Peter Levine

prescribe punishment.” But little actual insight comes from likening a moral or social problem to a disease, or vice versa. “Traditional disease metaphors are principally a way of being vehement” ( Sontag 1977: 72, 83 ). Sontag's thesis is simple: “illness

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Can a financial bubble burst if no one hears the pop?

Transparency, debt, and the control of price in the Kathmandu land market

Andrew Haxby

allows banks to “blacklist” evaluators if the bank was unable to collect their outstanding debts after foreclosing on a property. This is serious legal punishment, one that freezes the blacklisted person’s bank accounts and suspends them from doing any

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Patti Tamara Lenard and Laura Madokoro

could seek sanctuary if they had unintentionally killed someone and in order to avoid the punishment of blood revenge. The terms and conditions of entry were clear, as was the purpose, namely to mitigate the more extreme aspects of the criminal justice

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Everyday Suffering and the Abstract Time-Reckoning of Law

Reflections on the Allocation of Responsibility for an Asbestos Disaster in Italy

David Loher

criminal law ( Boggio 2013 ). This is related to the different legal traditions of civil law countries, where the question is less centred on compensation and focuses more on fault and punishment. In the context of such criminal trials, the victims usually

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Transnational Human Rights Litigation

A Means of Obtaining Effective Remedy Abroad?

Angela Lindt

responsibility remained untouched. Expectations of law Sally Merry has written that law works not only by rule enforcement and punishment ‘but also by its capacity to construct authoritative images of social relationships and actions’ ( 1990: 9 ). In this

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Victor Igreja

), Deciphering Violence: The Cognitive Structure of Right and Wrong ( New York : Routledge ). Cooney , M. ( 2014 ), ‘Death by Family: Honor Violence as Punishment’ , Punishment & Society 16 , no. 4 : 406 – 427 . 10.1177/1462474514539537 Connell , R. W

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Barak Kalir

authorities use detention for deterrence and as a form of punishment (e.g., Amnesty International 2008 ; Cornelisse 2016 ; Leerkes and Broeders 2010 ). The National Ombudsman (2012: ii) criticized this practice of detention in unambiguous terms: I think

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Julienne Weegels

.1080/10714839.2017.1373965 Crewe , B. 2011 . ‘ Depth, Weight, Tightness: Revisiting the Pains of Imprisonment ’. Punishment & Society 13 ( 5 ): 509 – 529 . doi: 10.1177/1462474511422172 . 10.1177/1462474511422172 Darke , S. and C. Garces . 2017 . ‘ Surviving in

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Drawing Stereotypes

Europe and East Asia in Russian Political Caricature, 1900–1905

Zachary Hoffman

violence against the Boxers with black humor. M. Mukhin's “At a reception in Berlin” ( figure 6 ) in Iskry mocks Marshal Waldersee's widespread use of capital punishment against Boxers and their sympathizers. 35 In the image, a Chinese man apologizes for