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Janet Elise Johnson and Mara Lazda

leadership in Poland, Ann kept traveling to the region to speak or engage with local activists. In 2016, Ann helped coordinate a 25-year-anniversary celebration of NEWW in part as a response to the “moral panic” about gender and nationalism in Poland with the

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Commitment, Convergence, Alterity

Muslim-Christian Comparison and the Politics of Distinction in the Netherlands

Daan Beekers

. 2008 . “ Conjugating the Modern/Religious, Conceptualizing Female Religious Agency: Contours of a ‘Post-Secular’ Conjuncture .” Theory, Culture & Society 25 ( 6 ): 51 – 67 . Brubaker , Rogers . 2017 . “ Between Nationalism and Civilizationism

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Asma Abbas

hidden, begrudging, tongue-bit gestures of our most proclamatory, often white, left leaders and thinkers who have not yet had any success at building or defending a movement of marginalized Americans without resorting to nationalism+ or instrumentalist

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From the “state-idea” to “politically organized subjection”

Revisiting Abrams in times of crisis in Turkey and EU-Europe

Katharina Bodirsky

from decisions on its responses, some instead proposing the exclusion of Greece from the Schengen area, which has already effectively broken down. Populist nationalisms everywhere have proven successful in driving these politics—just as the developments

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Ashley Lebner

City (the formation of the city in 1887 and the subsequent building of community via religious and secular performances), and each covers key themes in the study of secular formations: industry, nationalism, civility, privatization, and migration

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Undoing Traceable Beginnings

Citizenship and Belonging among Former Burundian Refugees in Tanzania

Patricia Daley, Ng’wanza Kamata, and Leiyo Singo

accumulation that favors foreign investors and new, educated, entrepreneurial labor have given rise to narrow nationalism on the part of those among the elite and the popular classes who feel marginalized and excluded. Businessmen, members of parliaments, and

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Desire for the political in the aftermath of the Cold War

Dace Dzenovska and Nicholas De Genova

political futures. Those that did challenge anticolonial nationalisms via anticolonial inter nationalism generally turned to Marxist visions of socialist futures and politics. For example, Manu Goswami’s (2012) work illustrates how particular formulations

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Anastasia Todd

created the Miss You Can Do It pageant in order to “pass the dream onto someone else.” It is important to note the juxtaposition of the flag, a symbol of US nationalism, with Curran’s narrative of girlhood, overcoming what she describes as her challenge

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Azim Malikov

, state resources were mobilised to create strong secular ethnonational identities ( Khalid 2014: 2 ) and the birth of local nationalisms. The undermining of the religious perception of the world in Muslim societies of Central Asia was facilitated by a

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Writing History and the Social Sciences with Ivan Jablonka

Nathan Bracher

his childhood until the present, Jablonka sets out to save them from oblivion, seeking even to recover a measure of their lives’ ardent, generous humanity that had been systematically repressed by the various agents of antisemitic nationalism in Poland