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‘Tu Numeris Elementa Ligas’

The Consolation of Nature’s Numbers in Parlement of Foulys

C.W.R.D. Moseley

as well as visually; it signals our having reached a division point in the poem – indeed the stanza marks the transition from the dreamer’s perplexed rehearsing of the contradictory possibilities of his dream’s origin (and therefore significance) to

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Dan Brockington

political responses to different sorts of (flawed) numbers fluctuate are not about trust or distrust: Dreams of measurement for control purposes are articulated; these are shown to be defective and/or leading to adverse unintended consequences; new measures

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The Dialectics of Displacement and Emplacement

Henrik Vigh and Jesper Bjarnesen

the Life and Dreams of a Young Ivorian Migrant .” Migration Letters 6 , no. 2 : 119 – 129 . Bjarnesen , Jesper . 2013 . Diaspora at Home? Wartime Mobilities in the Burkina Faso–Côte d’Ivoire Transnational Space . Uppsala : Acta Universitatis

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Narmala Halstead

recognized, allowing a quite different truth to appear. But there was also a political dream of the plague, which was exactly its reverse: not the collective festival, but strict divisions; not laws transgressed, but the penetration of regulation into even

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Rane Willerslev

. Antonia Walford . Common Knowledge 17 , no. 1 : 128 – 145 . Willerslev , Rane . 2004 . “ Spirits as Ready to Hand: A Phenomenological Study of Yukaghir Spiritual Knowledge and Dreaming .” Anthropological Theory 4 , no. 4 : 395 – 418

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Ethnographic witnessing

Or, hope is the first anthropological emotion

Carole McGranahan

, imprisonment and torture for who knows how long. Therefore I request the government of the United States to please kindly consider my application for political asylum and help me achieve my dream of seeing Tibet free one day. I am already very old, but I am

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Stiletto Socialism

Social Class, Dressing Up, and Women's Self-Positioning in Socialist Slovenia

Polona Sitar

orientation, and openness to the “imagined West.” The images of the dream world of the West created high hopes and expectations for a better future and social well-being. Households in socialist countries began to modernize in the early 1960s, when washing

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Moving on

Italy as a stepping stone in migrants’ imaginaries

Anna Tuckett

never be truly accepted in Italian society. As Jeffrey Cole and Pietro Saitta have recently observed in a poignantly titled afterword—“Italy, dreams of a monochrome society?”—the “master narrative emerging from opinion polls, political rhetoric and

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Impatient Accumulation, Immediate Consumption

Problems with Money and Hope in Central Kenya

Peter Lockwood

contexts of unemployment in which youth can do little else than hope for or dream of a better future (see, e.g., Mains 2011 ; Masquelier 2013 ; Schielke 2015 ), I argue that an emphasis on hope as an existential force of productive uncertainty and

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Social Criticism through Humour in the Digital Age

Multimodal Extension in the Works of Aleix Saló

Javier Muñoz-Basols and Marina Massaguer Comes

nostalgia of a generation whose shared dream of prosperity was truncated by the economic downturn. 8 Nonetheless, as the author himself indicates, this first book did not earn him many readers. Learning from this experience, he therefore adopted a different