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A Gloomy Carnival of Freedom

Sex, Gender, and Emotions among Polish Displaced Person in the Aftermath of World War II

Katarzyna Nowak

prostitution, seen as violent coercion, and to prostitutes, who had to be rescued from their plight through charity. 90 Punishment for the orgy of freedom—in the form of social condemnation, separation, exclusion from the community and from the emigration

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Migration, Empire, and Liminality

Sex Trade in the Borderlands of Europe

Tracie L. Wilson

register as prostitutes, those suspected of working as clandestine prostitutes were also subject to punishments similar to beggars and vagrants. Nancy Wingfield, “Habsburg Monarchy,” in Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work , ed. Melissa Hope Ditmore

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Talal Asad

Talal Asad, Jonathan Boyarin, Nadia Fadil, Hussein Ali Agrama, Donovan O. Schaefer, and Ananda Abeysekara

claim to have resolved a major source of suffering and violence within and between states by redefining the place of ‘religion’. After encountering the writings of Foucault, who not only wrote illuminatingly about punishment but also insisted that to

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Interiority and government of the child

Transparency, risk, and good governance in Indonesia

Jan Newberry

, Radhika . 2001 . Early childhood education: Postcolonial perspectives from India . New Delhi : Sage Publications . Wacquant , Loïc . 2001 . Deadly symbiosis: When ghetto and prison meet and mesh . Punishment & Society 3 ( 1 ): 95 – 134 . 10

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Marco Solimene, Mariann Vaczi, Paul Manning, Bozena Sojka, Stephen Quilley, Anna Zhelnina, and Aimar Ventsel

in relation to economy, society and education; but also to (iii) particular moments of moral-institutional crisis associated with issues such as corporal punishment and physical abuse, in both schools and religious contexts; and subsequently to sexual

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Is anthropology legal?

Earthquakes, blitzkrieg, and ethical futures

Edward Simpson

University of Manchester, he told them I was writing a book. They also told me that they had come with an “open heart to improve my scholarship,” but that they were also interested in just punishment for my slander, institutional discipline, or my resignation

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Higher education in the paradigm of speed

Student perspectives on the risks of fast-track degree completion

Laura Louise Sarauw and Simon Ryberg Madsen

economic incentives such as rewards (with extra grants) for completion before the prescribed time and by punishment for delay (by cutting off public grants and expulsion from the university if they fail a given number of exams). ‘Student economicus’ is our

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Sanctuary in Countries of Origin

A Transnational Perspective

Alexandra Délano Alonso

slaves, debtors, thieves, and murderers to seek protection from corporal and capital punishment or exile ( Rabben 2016 ). In some cases, the offer of sanctuary was contingent on either conversion to Catholicism, penance, and/or penalty ( Hung 2019: 122

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Lisen Dellenborg and Margret Lepp

what position we are to “identify what is good and what is bad and to allocate reward and punishment” ( D’Andrade 1995: 399 ; see also Strathern 1987 ). The difficulty of reconciling informants’ cultural understandings of certain practices – such as

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The emergence of the global debt society

Governmentality and profit extraction through fabricated abundance and imposed scarcity in Peru and Spain

Ismael Vaccaro, Eric Hirsch, and Irene Sabaté

: it consists of a particular form of governmentality, aiming at the disciplining of subjects through indebtedness and through the promise of credit, profit, abundance—and, in the event of insolvency , the persistent threat of punishment. The moral