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Reframing Disability through Graphic Novels for Girls

Alternative Bodies in Cece Bell’s El Deafo

Wendy Smith-D’Arezzo and Janine Holc

own personality and her new glasses that transform into mesmerizing circling swirls, Cece, in this fantasized version of over-ability and healing, charms Martha into once again being her friend. Bell’s character invokes Gilbert and Gubar’s mythic woman

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‘I'm Not that Kind of Doctor’

On Being In-Between in a Global Health Intervention

Erica Nelson

new motherhood as well). You are in that stage of pregnancy when your body is the subject of public concern and comment. Three days after this workshop, you will be in a craft market in Managua on a sightseeing outing with the CERCA group. A healer

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Sacred Welcomes

How Religious Reasons, Structures, and Interactions Shape Refugee Advocacy and Settlement

Benjamin Boudou, Hans Leaman, and Maximilian Miguel Scholz

in personal experience. Shared notions of healing and deliverance, which stem from a worldview shared in several African countries and Pentecostal theology, help refugees reclaim agency and challenge their status and representation as helpless victims

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Decolonial Approaches to Refugee Migration

Nof Nasser-Eddin and Nour Abu-Assab in Conversation

Nof Nasser-Eddin and Nour Abu-Assab

change these realities. But decolonial projects help us heal from that process, if I may say, or makes us think that we can change our realities. Nour Absolutely. When we think about decolonizing research—because you can also decolonize in praxis

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Marla Frederick, Yunus Doğan Telliel, and Heather Mellquist Lehto

. The screens become transformed theologically into prosthetics of the pastor, allowing him or her to perform the Pentecostal healing ritual of ‘laying on of hands’ despite the fact that the healed congregant's body is often an ocean away from the pastor

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Talal Asad

Talal Asad, Jonathan Boyarin, Nadia Fadil, Hussein Ali Agrama, Donovan O. Schaefer, and Ananda Abeysekara

scholars like Marcel Mauss and Pierre Bourdieu who have collectively analyzed “ritual acts and bodily practices,” such as “modes of walking, standing and sitting, sleeping and eating, giving birth, nursing, healing,” and so forth. In her essay “Body

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Narratives of the Invisible

Autobiography, Kinship, and Alterity in Native Amazonia

Vanessa Elisa Grotti and Marc Brightman

and the Problem of Christian Culture: Belief, Time, and the Anthropology of Christianity .” Current Anthropology 48 , no. 1 : 5 – 38 . 10.1086/508690 Rubenstein , Steven L. 2002 . Alejandro Tsakimp: A Shuar Healer in the Margins of History

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Racialized Governance

The Production and Destruction of Secure Spaces in Olympic Rio de Janeiro

Margit Ystanes and Alexandre Magalhães

. “ Erasing the Favela from Vila Autódromo .” RioOnWatch , 21 May . = 28870 . Taussig , Michael . 1993 . Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man: A Study in Terror and Healing . [In Portuguese.] Rio de Janeiro

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Victor Igreja

Global Policies and Human Rights ( London : Whurr Publishers ), 166 – 96 . Igreja , V. ( 2009 ), ‘The Politics of Peace, Justice and Healing in Post-war Mozambique’ , in C. Sriram and S. Pillay (eds.), Peace versus Justice? The Dilemma of

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Neutrality in foreign aid

Shifting contexts, shifting meanings—examples from South Sudan

Elżbieta Drążkiewicz

the Red Cross: A neutral humanitarian actor . London : Taylor & Francis . 10.4324/9781315644448 Gallagher , Julia . 2009 . Healing the scar? Idealizing Britain in Africa, 1997–2007 . African Affairs 108 ( 432 ): 435 – 451 . 10.1093/afraf