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Conal McCarthy

curriculum for training a museum professional, are essential reading for anyone engaged in postgraduate teaching today. What strikes the reader about her philosophy and practice as a teacher is the stress on fieldwork, on immersing students in case study

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In Memoriam

John Urry, 1946–2016

Bob Jessop

with Roy Bhaskar’s A Realist Theory of Science (also published in 1975), inspired my own work in the philosophy of social sciences. However, always interested in staying abreast with changing theoretical as well as substantive debates, John read

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Susan Cohen

philosophy. The latter had a profound and enduring impact upon her, for it introduced her to the Idealist school, which stressed practical philanthropy and individual and voluntary service, reinforcing the family credo. Somerville provided an environment that

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Demystification and Disruption

Laurence Grove, Anne Magnussen, and Ann Miller

Enlightenment conception of modernity as progress and knowledge, a philosophy that justified the racial hierarchy implicit in the colonial enterprise. But while the Tintin series began at the height of Franco-Belgian colonial supremacy, Corto Maltese began

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Concepts of Emotions in Indian Languages

Margrit Pernau

range from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century, and they draw on a large variety of sources: from moral philosophy and journal articles, the classical genres of conceptual history, so to speak; to literature and novels; to oral performances in

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Enacting inclusivity in the preparation of emerging scholars

A response to programme reform in higher education

Saran Stewart, Chayla Haynes, and Kristin Deal

adopting a Freirean (2010) philosophy, which understands education as a locus for social and political change. All courses adhered to inclusive pedagogy, a reflexive and critical educational approach, which helped students experience education as a

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Cristina Clopot, Ullrich Kockel, and Vytis Čiubrinskas

from Prof Christian Giordano during my master studies at the UNESCO Chair in Inter-cultural and Inter-religious Exchanges (Faculty of Philosophy, Bucharest, Romania), where he had been a guest lecturer for many years. For the particular course my

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Robert Leroux

reader of Kantian philosophy; he declares himself hostile to empiricism. It has the advantage, compared to Kant, of expanding the list of categories of understanding and sensitivity. For Durkheim, it is a question of explaining the origin, not only of the

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Peter Merriman

showcase the diversity of approaches that may help to investigate the mobilities of this terrible virus, ranging from work in the history, philosophy, and sociology of science, technology, medicine, and disease, to work in anthropology, human geography

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Citizenship in religious clothing?

Navayana Buddhism and Dalit emancipation in late 1990s Uttar Pradesh

Nicolas Jaoul

“New Vehicle,” Navayana Buddhism, was designed by him to free Dalits and Indian society at large from the bondage of caste. 2 Although strongly impressed with the promise of political equality and influenced by the political philosophy of the American