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Georgine Clarsen and Gijs Mom

then, we have published a Special Section on “Settler Colonial Mobilities” ( Transfers 5, no. 3 [2015]), and one on “Race and the Politics of Mobility” ( Transfers 6, no. 1 [2016]). In this issue we continue that project of expanding our field and de

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Michael R. M. Ward

notion of counter-storytelling from critical race theory to explore ways Latino boys try to reframe masculinity, manhood, and what they label as “responsible manhood.” Data are drawn from the Black and Latino Male School Intervention Study (BLMSIS

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Edited by H. C.

intellectual territory, and the journal has done so as well, in recent years giving special attention, for example, to French colonial history and its postcolonial consequences; to French-speaking societies outside Europe; to issues of gender, sexuality, race

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Gijs Mom and Georgine Clarsen

,” articles either not on any specific mode, or with a non-traditional-transport focus, such as the special section on Mobility and Race and the special section on Africa (including one on the tsetse fly). In short: after six years, we can declare that we are

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Globalizing the History of French Decolonization

Jessica Lynne Pearson

central Mediterranean lake. “Eurafrica,” as they called it, was the moral property—if not the political dominion—of all Europeans. As European contestants in this transcontinental car race zoomed through imperial borders, they claimed the space as their

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The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Reconfigurations of Domestic Space in Favelas

Brief Reflections on Intimacies and Precariousness

Carolina Parreiras

difference such as race and class are significant, is a challenge. The theoretical reference for my discussion of precariousness is the work of Judith Butler (2009) . Butler argues that certain lives are believed by our society to have value while others are

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Maša Mrovlje and Jennet Kirkpatrick

interests and loyalties and shaped by a plethora of situational factors beyond their full control, including the hierarchies of gender, race and class inequality. Indeed, the moral dilemmas they confront can stem from their embeddedness within the same

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The Girlhood Project

Pivoting our Model with Girls During COVID-19

Cheryl Weiner, Kathryn Van Demark, Sarah Doyle, Jocelyn Martinez, Fia Walklet, and Amy Rutstein-Riley

girlhood—sexuality/ies, race, class, ethnicity, education, the media, and current events—have an impact on their lives. A critical part of the TGP experience is made up of the relationships that develop between TGP students and the girls, and the issues

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Chloe Krystyna Garcia and Ayesha Vemuri

looked like someone’s father or uncle or community leader” (Video 8). Few videos address the intersection of rape culture, race, and sexuality. Video 1 describes the sexualized stereotypes that women of color are accorded and their effects on women

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“For Girls to Feel Safe”

Community Engineering for Sexual Assault Prevention

Day Greenberg and Angela Calabrese Barton

presence in a bedroom is equivalent to at least partial cause for violence committed against them by men. Regina Rahimi and Dolores Liston’s (2009) interviews with teachers on student sexuality reveal how gender double standards always intersect race and