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Dreams of Prosperity – Enactments of Growth

The Rise and Fall of Farming in Varanger

Marianne Elisabeth Lien

a viable option (see also F. Hastrup, this volume). This trend has continued until the present, with subsidies encouraging larger yields and larger production units. But the dreams of prosperity can be traced back to the late 1940s when subsidies for

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The Editors

European Comic Art has moved from Liverpool to Oxford, and we are happy to be working with Mark Stanton and his colleagues at Berghahn Books, whose headquarters are within sight of a dreaming spire or two but just as close to East Oxford, where the longest-standing continuous annual comics festival in Britain, ‘Caption’, has been held every summer since 1992.

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Nathalia Brichet

royal investors when the ships returned with a cargo of pyrite, also called fool's gold. This early dream of an unexplored Arctic Eldorado beyond Europe has lived on in various forms. Since 2004, exploration activities leading to the establishment of a

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Hugo Frey and Laurike in ‘t Veld

geographically the attention of the issue shifts from Spain to France to the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, there are explicit and implicit conversations that connect the articles, which we will dwell on a little further in this editorial. From Picasso’s The Dream

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Simone de Beauvoir

Engagements, Contexts, Reconsiderations

Homi Bhabha

At one hundred, we are told, a book becomes a classic; at one hundred Simone de Beauvoir has surely become a legend. And yet, like all legends, she remains something of an enigma, yet to be discovered. To be discovered, perhaps, in a way similar to her own attempt at self-discovery in Hard Times (the second volume of The Force of Circumstance), which results in a moving encounter with symptoms, repressions, and defenses that reveal those darker unrepentant forces―dreams and nightmares―that haunt her life. To discover is also to uncover the pages of a partly-written life that recurs in a succession of dreams and nightmares. As Beauvoir puts it: “In my dreams … there are objects that have always recurred” as “receptacles of suffering … the hands of a watch that begin to race [moved] by a secret and appalling organic disorder; a piece of wood bleeds beneath the blow of an ax … I feel the terror of these nightmares in my waking hours, if I call to mind the walking skeletons of Calcutta orthose little gourds with human faces―children suffering from malnutrition.”

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Social Criticism through Humour in the Digital Age

Multimodal Extension in the Works of Aleix Saló

Javier Muñoz-Basols and Marina Massaguer Comes

nostalgia of a generation whose shared dream of prosperity was truncated by the economic downturn. 8 Nonetheless, as the author himself indicates, this first book did not earn him many readers. Learning from this experience, he therefore adopted a different

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Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Children in the Middle East

Erika Friedl and Abderrahmane Moussaoui

included in this issue are different in that they are written by people who take a very engaged position vis-à-vis the works they are introducing. Roxanne Varzi uses in very sublime language in writing about the Syrian filmmaker’s book The Dream , and we

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Cinemas of Boyhood Part II

Timothy Shary

canonical boyhood study, Pather Panchali , in 1955 . Boys’ experiences—and often suffering—continued to be the subjects of films beyond the European market, such as Pixote ( Brazil, 1981 ), Village of Dreams (Japan, 1996) , Children of Heaven (Iran

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A Social Negotiation of Hope

Male West African Youth, ‘Waithood’ and the Pursuit of Social Becoming through Football

Christian Ungruhe and James Esson

form of popular entertainment coalesces with a geographical imagination that conflates social mobility with certain places, which, in turn, cultivates the dreams of thousands of young West Africans to migrate to Europe and become professional

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Places of Otherness

Comparing Eastleigh, Nairobi, and Xiaobei, Guangzhou, as Sites of South-South Migration

Neil Carrier and Gordon Mathews

, and it is in such places that many dreams of mobility and social mobility take shape. The article will accordingly give overviews of Eastleigh and Xiaobei and their mobility dynamics, dynamics that share some similarities (being generally built on the