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Katherine Scheil

According to actor Nick Asbury, Stratford-upon-Avon is ‘a wonderful, strange, old place … a place of dreams’. As the site of literary pilgrimage since the eighteenth century, the home of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the topic of hundreds of imaginary portrayals, Stratford is ripe for analysis, both in terms of its factual existence and its fictional afterlife. The essays in this special issue of Critical Survey consider the various manifestations of the physical and metaphorical town on the Avon, across time, genre and place, from America to New Zealand, from children’s literature to wartime commemorations. We meet many Stratfords in this collection, real and imaginary, and the interplay between the two generates new visions of the place. The essays in this collection, summarised in Nicola Watson’s afterword, begin to write a history of these imagined Stratfords.

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Katherine Hennessey and Margaret Litvin

subsequent translations. Samer al-Saber contrasts two productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Ramallah (1995 and 2011) to test the hypothesis that ‘the Shakespeare–Palestine relationship has outgrown some colonial binaries’. Interviews with key

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Romanticizing Difference

Identities in Transformation after World War I

Nadia Malinovich

malaise. While belligerent nationalist discourses were undeniably prominent during this period, other discourses, founded on new hopes and dreams, were rooted in the desire to promote both mutual coexistence and a respect for difference. The fall of the

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Traces of Pan Africanism and African Nationalism in Africa Today

Denis Goldberg

interregional trade and exchanges in all fields of education, of law and culture will in time develop a mutual tolerance of diversity in culture and social practice, enabling the dream of a closer relationship based on mutual respect and human solidarity to be

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Non “Religious” Knowing in Pilgrimages to Sacred Sites

Greek Cypriots’ “return” Pilgrimages to the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas (Cyprus)

Evgenia Mesaritou

checkpoints] … they hadn't started building … houses … roads and it was that feeling “ah, ok, here they are [small, sad laugh], a solution will be found and they will arrange things” … now I feel that it is like, we are getting far, it is like, that dream is