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Alexandra Délano Alonso, Abou Farman, Anne McNevin, and Miriam Ticktin

Movement Sanctuary Is …  An experiment Training for the not-yet Taken, not given A threshold An interruption A corridor Imagination Healing Autonomy Refuge Presence Solidarity Courage Dignity Non-innocent Shared fate

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“A Refugee Pastor in a Refugee Church”

Refugee-Refugee Hosting in a Faith-Based Context

Karen Lauterbach

and the divine influence of the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus Christ in their everyday lives. Moreover, the role of charismatic gifts (such as healing, prophesizing, and speaking in tongues) is of great importance as is knowledge of the word of God. As

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“It’s Being, Not Doing”

Hospitality and Hostility between Local Faith Actors and International Humanitarian Organizations in Refugee Response

Olivia J. Wilkinson

. “ Jacques Derrida on the Ethics of Hospitality .” In The Ethics of Subjectivity , 144 – 156 . London : Palgrave Macmillan . . 10.1057/9781137472427_9 Kamya , Hugo . 2008 . “ Healing from Refugee Trauma: The

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Sabina Barone, Veronika Bernard, Teresa S Büchsel, Leslie Fesenmyer, Bruce Whitehouse, Petra Molnar, Bonny Astor, and Olga R. Gulina

along the route (Squire), as well as provide an interpretative framework that facilitates personal and collective healing, as observed with Kosovar Albanian refugees during the US resettlement program, Operation Refuge (Goździak). In this case, the

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“It's a Big Umbrella”

Uncertainty, Pentecostalism, and the Integration of Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Immigrants in Johannesburg, South Africa

Tinashe Chimbidzikai

salubrious contagion” ( 1995: 71 ), and it is a result of its rich and spontaneous spirituality. This appeals to people emotionally and the African Pentecostal message of healing and deliverance has not only attracted a huge following, with many “testifying

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“If the coronavirus doesn’t kill us, hunger will”

Regional absenteeism and the Wayuu permanent humanitarian crisis

Claudia Puerta Silva, Esteban Torres Muriel, Roberto Carlos Amaya Epiayú, Alicia Dorado González, Fatima Epieyú, Estefanía Frías Epinayú, Álvaro Ipuana Guariyü, Miguel Ramírez Boscán, and Jakeline Romero Epiayú

and survival When the news of COVID-19 began, a healer from Alta Guajira announced her dream, that all the Wayuu communities should dance yonna , 9 the typical Wayuu dance. Most Wayuu followed these instructions for COVID-19 treatment and

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Sacred Welcomes

How Religious Reasons, Structures, and Interactions Shape Refugee Advocacy and Settlement

Benjamin Boudou, Hans Leaman, and Maximilian Miguel Scholz

in personal experience. Shared notions of healing and deliverance, which stem from a worldview shared in several African countries and Pentecostal theology, help refugees reclaim agency and challenge their status and representation as helpless victims

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Decolonial Approaches to Refugee Migration

Nof Nasser-Eddin and Nour Abu-Assab in Conversation

Nof Nasser-Eddin and Nour Abu-Assab

change these realities. But decolonial projects help us heal from that process, if I may say, or makes us think that we can change our realities. Nour Absolutely. When we think about decolonizing research—because you can also decolonize in praxis

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Sanctuary in Countries of Origin

A Transnational Perspective

Alexandra Délano Alonso

Loredo and Jill Anderson, co-founders of ODA, refer to Poch@ House as a sanctuary, a safe space, a space of healing and care that recognizes their communities’ multiple identities, languages, and struggles. On its website, 2 the organization describes

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Immigrant Sanctuary or Danger

Health Care and Hospitals in the United States

Beatrix Hoffman

Europe both to heal the sick and, as the word hospital itself shows, to provide hospitality to travelers. (The words hostel and hotel also share the same root, the Latin hospes meaning guest or host.) The special emphasis on welcoming traveling